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To protect storefronts, plaza parking is now at an angle

SHARON — Shoppers at the Sharon shopping plaza are adjusting to a change in the parking pattern in front of the supermarket, liquor store and pharmacy. The old white lines were removed and redrawn at a diagonal of about 35 to 40 degrees. Straight-on, head-in parking is now a thing of the past.There has been much talk in Sharon about vehicle and pedestrian safety at the plaza over the years. More than a handful of drivers have hopped the curb and crashed through the grocery store window. The most recent incident happened last summer. An SUV did not stop and crashed into the plate glass window of the Sharon Farm Market. The car moved with such force that it pushed the store’s front office backward.This reporter was not able to reach members of the family that owns the plaza by press time. But Rick Hotaling, owner of Rick’s Wine & Spirits next door to the Sharon Farm Market, said, “I have been pushing for diagonal parking for over five years. It is fantastic to finally have it. Head-in parking was a safety hazard.”Chris Choe, an owner of the Sharon Farm Market, said, “Diagonal parking is a good idea. Before, we had cars going in every direction, creating confusion for motorists and pedestrians. With the diagonal parking, a one-way traffic pattern is created that is safer for everyone.”Several motorists and pedestrians interviewed in the parking lot, who would not give their names, said they too felt the new scheme is safer.

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