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Holiday fairs draw crowds to Winsted

WINSTED — An array of holiday fairs and events took place in town on Saturday, Dec. 3. From Christmas wreaths to dolls, music and cookies, even the stingiest Scrooges should have been able to find something to please them. At the Beardsley and Memorial Library, located at 40 Munro Place, The Jerrod Cattey Trio performed holiday songs, including selections from “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” at the library’s holiday party. Many of the library’s staff and volunteers attended the party. At the same time, The First Church of Winsted, located at 95 North Main St., celebrated its 91st annual Christmas Fair. The fair included various crafts and a bake sale. Seller Laura McCaw dressed like an elf for the occasion.Carol Goeway along with her daughter-in-law, Diane Goeway, got up-close and personal with the various dolls sold at the event. Lisa Nanni liked the gingerbread cookie ornaments that were sold, along with the various other ornaments. Joan Turrell adored the various stuffed animals sold at the event, including Clifford The Dog. The United Methodist Church, located at 630 Main St., held a Christmas Fair. Charlene Stark and Candy Williams were seen viewing the lush Christmas wreaths sold at the event, while Marilyn Telenski appreciated the selection of dolls at the fair. Norma Jones and Jean Frink sold a wide variety of Christmas Cookies and Marion Miller, wife of church pastor Albert Miller, participated in the holiday festivities. Meanwhile, St. Anthony School, at 55 Oak St., held its annual Christmas Bazaar. Outside the bazaar, members of Winsted Area Childcare Center sold Christmas wreaths. Ellie Gunn, Paige Corey, Nancy Kinsella, Theresa Padin and Shannan Fields helped with the event. Inside the school, Lindsay Stovall and Constance Chatfield sold holiday hats while Liza DiMartino and Sarah Landi sold chocolate candy apples. Pat Masucci represented the Highland Lake Watershed Association while sisters Jane and Lila Krohner visited to show their support.

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