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Turning Back the Pages - December 8


75 years ago — December 1936

Reflections of the Season (editorial): Winter apparently has set in unusually severely unusually early, or at least it seems that way. Weather is one thing that is most cussed out and most quickly forgotten. In New England it seems to be just one sample after another.

SALISBURY — Miss F.E. Coffing and nurse have left for Florida where they will spend the winter.

TACONIC — Lawrence Doyle, who recently entered the employ of E.G. Woodward, has moved his family here from Colebrook, N.H.

LAKEVILLE — In spite of the recent cold snap the lake yet remains free from ice. The Riga lakes have been ice coated for some time.

50 years ago — December 1961

A letter was sent to the New York State Transportation Research Analyst last Friday by Charles H. Trayford, consultant to the Harlem Valley and Connecticut Transportation Committee, protesting against the new closing hours of the Millerton (N.Y.) Railroad Station and pointing out that this adverse reaction violates the spirit of the Order of the Public Service Commission to the railroad on Oct. 21, 1959. 

Who has David Holst-Grubbe’s pants? David, aged 4, of Sharon, went shopping with his mother in Millerton this past Tuesday and purchased a pair of pants. The Holst-Grubbe car, a 1956 green four-door Chevrolet, was parked in front of Delson’s and the shoppers dropped the package off in the back seat before going elsewhere to complete their shopping. The hitch was, they dropped it in the wrong car (“I thought it looked awfully clean!” Mrs. Holst-Grubbe said), and while they were in a shop the pants-carrying green Chevy took off with its rightful owner. 

Anyone finding the missing package is asked to contact Mrs. Reidar Holst-Grubbe in Sharon. David will be very pleased as he is eager to wear his new pants. 

CANAAN — A large barn on the Frank Jupina farm was destroyed by fire Wednesday afternoon. The Canaan Fire Department was alerted at 3:45 by Mrs. Bruce Zinke, a tenant on the farm who saw flames issuing from the upper loft. After calling the firemen, she notified Douglas Carlson, 18, the nearest neighbor. When she went outside she found Peter Jupina, 9, in the burning barn struggling to bring out cattle. She brought him outside at once. Douglas Carlson, who had responded to her call at once, took over the job of removing livestock from the burning building. Single-handed, the youth led out 50 frightened cows and one bull. By the time the firemen arrived at approximately 4 p.m., all the stock was saved. Douglas and his uncle, David Carlson, also were able to save two tractors and a manure spreader, losing only two tires to the intense heat.

25 years ago — December 1986

SHARON — A rare horse-drawn carriage, made to order in 1888 for the great-grandfather of Curtis Rand of Salisbury, has recently been restored by Amish craftsmen and is once again being driven in the Northwest Corner.

Taken from decades-old Lake-ville Journals, these items contain original spellings and phrases.

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