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Housatonic student of the week

The Lakeville Journal congratulates the honorees of the student of the week program at Housatonic Valley Regional High School. This week’s student portrait was taken by HVRHS 11th-grader Caroline Sullivan. This was a thrilling and unprecedented season for our boys soccer team, and much of the reason for their success was the leadership of the upperclassmen. Their raw athleticism, however, would have gone to waste without good coaching, purposeful direction and smart decision-making on the part of the players. Matthew Matsudaira was a key component of that team’s leadership corps.Matthew, a forward on the team, is also first in his junior class, and the chess match that takes place on the soccer field draws on his intellectual abilities as well as his athletic prowess. Mathematics and numeracy come easily to him, and his logical, organized mind also enjoys the structure of military history, with its troop movements and strategizing.Not surprisingly, Matthew took to the trumpet quickly in seventh grade, and he has been playing it and the piano for some time, both in the school band and as a volunteer at his church in Litchfield. Spirituality is a significant part of Matthew’s life, and he will be participating in a leadership program through the Baptist Convention that will bring him to a Third World country during his February break to perform missionary work in that area.Although he has no particular designs on a career yet, Matthew is prepared to do “whatever is in God’s will,” and is taking the necessary steps to ready himself for that vocation. In addition to his physical, spiritual and academic development, Matthew attends to his responsibilities as one of six children, spread from his age of 16 to the youngest, age 4. He is eyeing West Point as a potential college choice, and with his impressive level of responsibility, we are certain he would be a fine cadet.

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