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Gilchrist touches base with Winsted area fans

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Winsted-born cartoonist, author and songwriter Guy Gilchrist has touched base with local friends and The Winsted Journal to let people know what he’s been up to in Nashville, Tenn., where he has been living for the past three years. He said rumors that he has been seriously ill are not true, though he is recovering from a hand injury and is now back out performing concerts and doing book signings.“It’s been a great summer and fall with all kinds of great times — a lot of songs, art, concerts and helping animals,” Gilchrist wrote in a recent email, noting that he was the guest of honor at a concert called Puppy Up! Denver that raised money for cancer research in dogs and humans. Gilchrist released his latest book of comic strip art, “Today’s Dogg,” earlier this year and has been donating a portion of proceeds to the national Animal Rescue Corps. A review of the book appeared in the July 15 edition of this newspaper. The review can be found online at www.tricornernews.com/content/winsted-born-cartoonist-shares-love.While living in Nashville, Gilchrist has started a website, www.todaysdogg.com, which showcases his comic strips and lets people know about upcoming events.“I will be in Dallas later this week, after a full slate of shows this week in Nashville and McKenzie, Tenn.,” he wrote. “I had a bit of a health issue with my arm — my writing and guitar picking arm — becoming injured,” Gilchrist noted. “I had to wait a few months to get back to full steam again. I am now! I really didn’t even want to mention it, but there were rumors going around I had a more serious illness, so I needed to clear this up. I’m signing up to do new concerts and appearances.”Gilchrist said his latest photos, comics and songs are posted on his website, along with information on where he’ll be in the coming weeks.

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