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Letters to the Editor - November 17

An important resource

I read with interest the letters of appreciation to WHDD/Robin Hood Radio for the service (some have gone so far as to call it a lifeline) they provided during our October surprise, and would like to add my thanks to Jill, Marshall and the rest of the Merry Men.

As an early supporter of the radio station, I am keenly aware of how costly it was to build and how costly it is to maintain. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everybody who benefited from their information and updates (pretty much around the clock!) and who is not already a donor or subscriber, to use this occasion to support the station by making a donation, however small or large.

Every little bit helps, and if the storm has shown us anything, it’s how important this community resource is.

Amy Roberts
Falls Village


Perotti plans to move Sharon forward

My sincere thanks to those of you who voted for me on Nov. 8. I appreciate  your confiden ce and will work hard to bring the best of my management and volunteer experience to all the residents of Sharon. To those who did not vote for me, I hope to earn your respect during my term in office.

Sharon is a wonderful town, and I believe we have very capable and dedicated people serving on our boards and commissions. I promise to listen to your concerns and ideas, and will work diligently with Bob and Meg to continue moving Sharon forward. Working together, I believe that we can accomplish much.

John Perotti


Lauretano asks for feedback

Many thanks to all the Salisbury voters who participated in the recent municipal election, and a special thanks to those who gave me their vote. The support I received from not only Republicans, but also unaffiliated and Democratic voters, is encouraging as I look forward to continuing my service to the whole Salisbury community.

We all owe many thanks to everyone who worked at the polls, as it is a long, tedious day. Our system of democratic voting would not be possible without our party registrars and their various helpers who commit their time and energy to making sure the polls run smoothly and fairly.

My best wishes go to Bob Riva and his family, all of whom have contributed much in service to the town and the nation. We will no doubt continue to benefit from their energies and involvement.

I encourage anyone with issues, concerns, questions or suggestions regarding town business to feel free to contact me to discuss them. You can reach me at 860-435-9945, 860-248-0013 or mlauretano@salisburyct.us.

Mark Lauretano


Thanks for support

Thank you to everyone in Sharon who supported my run for Region One representative. Special thanks to Liz Piel, Sarah Coon, Sara Cousins, Lynn Heacox and Stacy Duncan.

I’m so energized and encouraged by the strong interest that our community showed for our schools. I’ll work hard to keep that momentum going.

Marilyn T. Yerks


Fire, ambulance thank community

On behalf of the Sharon Fire Department and Sharon Ambulance, we would like to personally send our sincere thanks to the area businesses that were integral in our efforts to serve those in the community impacted by the nor’easter of Oct. 31.

With the food contributed by the following businesses, we were able to provide three hot meals daily for the duration of the storm and subsequent week of power outages. We are also extremely thankful for the generous members of the community who came forward to donate food, supplies, time and support. From apples and pumpkin pies to help in the kitchen, no gesture went unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you.

We would like to especially acknowledge the entire Sharon Farm Market, including Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Choe (grocery/dairy), Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Jones (Center Plate Meats), Mr. Alex Elliot and Lenora Kennedy (Jam Foods), and The Sharon Xtra-Mart, Jackie Brost and staff.

The Sharon Fire Department and Sharon Ambulance sincerely appreciate the continued support from the community, both now and throughout the year.

Alton E. Golden
President, Sharon Fire Dept.
Jamie Casey
Captain, Sharon Ambulance


Flint says thanks voters

I would like to thank everyone who gave me the confidence of their vote for the Region One Board of Education.

I also should note a thank you to everyone who voted, as it is one of our most precious privileges and should never be taken for granted.

Michael J. Flint


The Kitchen Tour was a success

The Housatonic Musical Theatre Society would like to thank our area restaurants, florists and businesses who donated food, flowers and raffle items for the Ninth Annual Kitchen Tour that was held on Nov. 5.

Thank you to our sponsors, Elyse Harney Real Estate, Belter Builders, Best & Cavallaro Real Estate, Kent Kitchen Works, Herrington’s, Salisbury Bank and Mizza’s Pizza. We are so grateful to the many volunteers who gave their time to be in kitchens and to the many people who supported the event by visiting the kitchens.

A special note of appreciation goes to the homeowners who were gracious to open their homes for this special event. This was not an easy week to be preparing for a kitchen tour, with no power for days, but everybody in the community pulled through and made this year’s tour a huge success!

All proceeds from the Kitchen Tour go to the Housatonic Musical Theatre Society at Housatonic Valley Regional High School. Because of the vast generosity of all who participated in this event, students will, under the direction of Michael Berkeley and Lori Belter from TriArts, perform “South Pacific” on March 15-17, 2012.

We look forward to next year’s Kitchen Tour! Please mark your calendar for the first Saturday in November.

Colleen McGuire
Kitchen Tour Chair


Glad to have radio during snowfall

I am writing to add my voice to those who are extremely grateful for having access to WHDD radio during the recent extended power outage.  With no phone or Internet the only access we had to any information was via our own local NPR station.  

Marshall Miles and Jill Goodman were troopers whose service to our community throughout that time was truly commendable.  With their frequent updates on road conditions, power company reports (or lack of them), what stores and gas stations were open for necessary supplies, and other storm-related local news we felt connected during what was an isolating experience.

And, I want to add a special note of appreciation for the service they provided in helping us get out the news that  our scheduled Salisbury Forum for that Friday evening had to be postponed.  

Within minutes of my having called the station, WHDD had regular updates alerting people that we wouldn’t have the event as scheduled. We are grateful to Marshall and Jill and their team for helping us get out that word. The Salisbury Forum, by the way, has been rescheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 2, at Salisbury School.

Thank you, WHDD, our one (and only) hometown radio station and a great community resource.

Walter DeMelle


Sharon FD deserves thanks

On Sunday, Nov. 6, we purchased a new carbon monoxide detector, complete with a brand new battery. That night, at around midnight, the detector started beeping, causing us considerable concern.

We called 911 and the Sharon Fire Department responded immediately with their trucks and an ambulance. They analyzed the situation and determined  that it was caused by a defective (brand new) battery, and no carbon monoxide was being released from our furnace.

Our sincere thanks to Bob Canberry Jr., Kim Hohlfeld, Bryan Weinstein, Eric Golden, Stephen Hurn and David Heacox for services above and beyond the call of duty. This team was caring and professional, and deserves accolades from a very appreciative couple. Sharon is blessed with people who really care.

Judy and Norman Arons


Small town had big heart

I want to recognize the members of our Lakeville and Salisbury community who aided us through this October snowstorm that left behind the largest power outage in Connecticut.

My deepest gratitude to our local volunteers whose doors were open to all of us. The Lakeville Hose Company provided a family dinner on Halloween night and the Ambulance Service of Salisbury provided a warm center for those in need. In addition, our local businesses that serviced us during difficult conditions and our neighbors, like Tim and Joanie Walker, who took families into their home who needed food, warmth and showers.

Lastly, thank you to the town of Salisbury for coordinating all efforts with communication and keeping our people safe.

Edi Canie
Mizza’s Pizza


Thanks for help during storm

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to several members of the community who went out of their way to help us close and move into our new house in Salisbury in the midst of the power outage.

First Selectman Curtis Rand, Town Clerk Patricia Williams and selectmen’s secretary Emily Egan agreed to be available for our attorney to file the appropriate paperwork on Tuesday, Nov. 1. The mortgage team at Salisbury Bank and Trust — advisor Sarah O’Connell, team manager Amy Raymond and loan closing coordinator Andrea MacArthur — provided office space and clerical support for the closing to take place. Attorney Louise Brown, Realtors Andrew Gates, Leslie Bell and Elyse Harney, as well as insurance agent Bill Willis, all showed up, despite lack of power in their own offices and homes.

What a wonderful welcome to this very special community. We are proud to call ourselves Salisbury residents!

Joe and Diane Catania


Halloween saved after all

With the number one question in North Canaan being, “Do you have power?,”  the runner-up question was, “Is Halloween going to be rescheduled?”  With parents calling Town Hall, it was confirmed that Halloween would not be rescheduled this year.

Questions posted through Facebook left parents and children unsure of how to still celebrate Halloween and do something for the children of North Canaan.  In less than 48 hours, the North Canaan Elementary School (NCES) PTO, teachers and staff and parents were able to pull it off.  

First, a call to the NCES Principal Rosemary Keilty, confirming the approval of the NCES PTO sponsoring a Halloween Bash on Saturday, Nov. 5, at the school.  With the OK on Thursday afternoon, Nov. 3, the emails went out, Facebook status changed from “Halloween is canceled” to  “Halloween will go on” and phone calls were made.

The Halloween celebration at NCES was a huge success as more than 200 children attended with their parents. And why?  Because the community pulled it together!

More than 20 families came out to set up and pass out candy.  Pumpkin cutouts listed their address and family names so children and families were made aware of who was handing out candy. Pizza, baked goods and drinks were provided at no cost.  But besides the ones that passed out candy, residents of Canaan dropped in asking if they could donate candy. The response was incredible, everyone just wanted to help.

 A very special thanks to the teachers and staff, NCES PTO, parents and families, the local pizza restaurants, Stop & Shop, the Rod & Gun Club, B-D and Canaan Rec for their donations.  

When the Rod & Gun Club canceled its Halloween party, Wendy Eichman (a NC parent, chamber member and member of the R&G Club) reached out to see about donating their candy, prizes and monies to our event. The monies donated focused all on the Halloween Bash:  pizza, candy and prizes.

Truly there was not one unhappy person who left the school that Saturday night, the spirits were high, the kids were grateful and the parents had a new question: “Will you do this for us every year?”

Again on behalf of the 48- hour Halloween Bash Planners — we thank you all!  Halloween happened because of devotion, determination and dedication.

Nikki Blass
North Canaan

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