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Colebrook has race for first selectman

COLEBROOK — After a snowstorm as large as the one experienced in Connecticut last weekend, it may be hard for voters to concentrate on statewide municipal elections, which are scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 8; but for those towns where power has been turned on, the voting will go on.In Colebrook, the first selectman’s seat is being contested, with challenger Michael Truss, an unaffiliated conservative, running against incumbent Democrat Tom McKeon. McKeon has been in office for two terms, while Truss is running in protest of this year’s approval of a wind turbine construction deal, in which five new wind towers were approved by the Connecticut Siting Council for construction in two areas of town.McKeon has said he also has issues with the siting council’s decision, and that the construction project is not finalized. He also said the town is having trouble finding funding for road improvements.“There is only so much you can do with the money you have,” McKeon said.Truss told the Journal that he wants to see more transparency in local government and that he is dissatisfied with the state of roads in town.“A transparent government is one of the most important things to me,” Truss said. “I believe if our current selectman had been more open with the town about the wind turbine deal, that the people would have stepped forward and said this is a no-win situation for the town.”McKeon said he plans to continue to monitor the progress of the wind turbine project and is considering a plan for $2 million in road improvements. No matter what, he said, it will be up to voters to make the ultimate decision on how they’ll spend their money in the next two years.

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