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Candidate Profiles — Millbrook 2011

Name: Laura M. Hurley
Age: 48
Town: Village of Millbrook
Years lived in town: 20
Occupation/background: Town of Washington bookkeeper to supervisor
Marital status, children: Married with three children: 25, 21, 18
Position running for, term length: Mayor, two-year term
Political party: Democrat
Running on what lines: Democrat
Names of boards served in past and present: I’ve served as mayor for 18 months; prior to that I was a village trustee and also served as village clerk from 2005 to 2006

In 100 words or less, explain what you think is the biggest issue facing your town and how you plan on addressing that once in office.

Clean drinking water, sanitary sewers, reliable police, rescue and fire protection as well as maintained roadways are the essential components we must deliver; a daunting task in the best of economic times.

Everything else swirls around and is driven by this core responsibility. Government must continue to streamline operations and rid ourselves of extraneous practices. For example, The Thorne Building should be a non-government-owned property. Whether a foundation runs a cultural center or it returns to the tax roll as a residential unit, I look forward to working with the community to resolve this issue.

Have you served in this position before and for how long?  

Yes, for 18 months, completing an unexpired term following the resignation of the previous mayor.

What makes your town special in comparison to  the whole of Dutchess County?  

No response.

What makes you most qualified for the job?  

It’s an honor to serve the community in the capacity of mayor.  My love and respect for Millbrook drives me to contribute in a significant way. Working for the Town of Washington, I acquired extensive experience with budgeting and general municipal operations.  As elected officials, our primary responsibility is to provide for the health and safety of our residents with the least amount of financial burden.

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