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Letters to the Editor - October 28

Smith is not a free thinker

There were two letters to the editor in the Register Citizen on Oct. 19 and one in the Winsted Journal on Oct. 21 that extolled the virtues of Lisa Smith as a “free thinker.”  This is debatable in light of the fact that Ken Fracasso, Marcia Sterling and James Roberts have taken Lisa under their wing and have molded her to do their bidding. Lisa might claim that she is a “maverick,” but her actions have proven that she is a follower.  

The Republicans in Winsted have a distinct characteristic in that when they do not win the majority in an election, they focus in on the weakest link in the opposing party. In this case, it was Lisa Smith. They were able to attain her favors and votes in short order after she was elected in 2009. Since then she has subscribed to numerous votes that have set the town of Winchester back, all initiated by the Republican Board of Selectmen members with Lisa’s help.   

The Democrats have been accused of “bashing” Lisa.  After her devastating swing vote denying the citizens of Winchester the right to vote on accepting or rejecting the Winchester Land Trust offer of $450,000 for preserving land surrounding our water supply, many of us (Republicans and Democrats) were justly appalled that she could be so swayed by those who have self interest. As citizens, we have every right to question an elected official who makes a mockery of the system by using poor judgment that denies us the right to vote. It is the Republican majority that has been the “constant” in Winsted for the last decade — the past two years with the help of Lisa Smith. They are to be held accountable for any decline we have seen.

Lisa singlehandedly disenfranchised all voters who elected a Democratic majority in 2009 to counter the awful Republican majority in 2007-09. Remember the “Gang of Five.”   Let’s not do that again.

Maverick? Free thinker? I think not.

Michael DeClement


Thanks from United Way

The United Way of Northwest Connecticut is very grateful to everyone who contributed to the success of our Fall Day of Caring.

Thanks to a dedicated group of over 75 volunteers, projects that have been or will be completed in the next week will benefit the Boy Scouts, Canaan Child Care, Catholic Charities, Falls Village Day Care, Family Strides, FISH, Girl Scouts, LARC, Pleasant Valley Children’s Center, Susan B. Anthony Project and Winsted Area Child Care.

Individuals who volunteered their time, energy and enthusiasm came from Alcoa Howmet, BD, Kelly Services, Northwest Community Bank, the Northwest Connecticut Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals, Torrington Rotary, Union Savings, Webster Bank, and John Field, fire chief, City of Torrington Fire Department. Also, we are thankful to Mt. Claire Water Co. for donating bottled water.

The Day of Caring benefits all of us in many ways.  It provides individuals and local businesses with an opportunity to give back to their community through volunteerism, and it helps local nonprofits and other organizations save time, money, and resources.

We are very proud of everyone’s hard work, and we look forward to continuing the trend next spring.

Stephanie R. Barksdale
Executive Director
United Way of Northwest Connecticut


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