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Dogs, llamas and, of course, people at Consolidated School’s walkathon

CORNWALL — The Cornwall Consolidated School annual walkathon went off Oct. 21 with not only the entire school participating, but a large community contingent, almost just as many dogs as people, and a llama.In all, a little more than $6,000 in pledges was raised. It will be split between each class’s eighth-grade trip fund, the Cornwall Volunteer Fire Department and the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.Walkers were more than 150 strong. They had waited a week, after the walk was postponed due to predicted thunderstorms on Oct. 14. It was a good call, with last Friday, Oct. 21, offering up a day full of fall color and just the right amount of chill in the air.Before sending the group off in various directions, Principal Michael Croft spoke to them about value.“The walkathon has value to the community, and the value that comes with any sort of endeavor that we come to together,” Croft said.He went on to trade sentiment for humor to impress upon students the need for safety while walking on the roads. Those willing and able to “go fast” were directed to stay with teacher Will Vincent.“Even if you are able to run away from him, you are not allowed to run away from him.”Everyone was advised that “it is possible motorized vehicles will come through that have never heard of our walkathon.”

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