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P&Z special permits allow businesses to grow

NORTH CANAAN — Two special permits were approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) on Oct. 3. Public hearings were held on each. Only the applicants commented. One approval will allow John Jacquier to expand the building that houses his welding business at his home at 213 Daisy Hill Road. His plan is to add to the existing 40-by-60-foot building a 40-by-50-foot addition for storage. It will have no exterior lighting.It was noted by the commission that the business operates as a home occupation in a residential/agricultural zone. The decision was unanimous.At C.A. Lindell, the “tank farm” built about two years ago to safely store the heating fuels it sells was re-established as a separate entity on the hardware store/lumberyard site plan. The change was proposed by owners Riva Associates LLP as permanent financing is put in place on the tank farm.Located behind the drive-through warehouse off of Church Street (Route 44), the facility sits on more than 2 acres. A driveway that leads to the warehouse parking lot will suffice as the required frontage for establishing a separate lot.Approval was unanimous for what will be designated as a petroleum station.

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