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Fall’s packing list

Fall’s packing list

It was last Friday morning at 5:05

That Fall decided it was time to arrive.

She’d planned the return since last December,

A time long past that some won’t remember.

She’d packed what she needed in her grip,

All ready to take the annual trip.

Her powerful palette is what she packed first,

To paint all the leaves with a colorful burst.

She’ll paint with orange and yellow and red,

Colors so bright it’ll knock ’em dead...

Packed a bright blue sky with clouds puffy and white,

And a star studded sky on a crystal clear night.

Also apples on trees and pumpkins in fields

With all sorts of other harvest yields.

Birds heading south throughout the bright sky

Then stopping to feed when night draws nigh...

And geese all a-trumpeting through the air

To tell all the world that they are there.

She has some days wetter and some that are drier

Some nights when a fireplace needs a fire.

But then a northwest wind will strip off the leaves

To color the ground and clog up the eaves.

A storm from the south becomes a nor’easter,

The kind we have from Thanksgiving till Easter.

The first ones have rain, but later there’s snow,

Keeping us housebound with no place to go.

We’re cooped up inside and pacing the floor,

Till it’s finally December and we show Fall the door.

Corporal Doggerel (Carl Williams)


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