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Its feathers are ruffled but the chicken has returned

FALLS VILLAGE — The chicken sign has come home to roost at P.D. Walsh’s Country Store.The colorful sign of a chicken pointing the way into Falls Village went missing just about a year ago from its roost at the junction of routes 7 and 126.The sign, made by Walsh’s cousin, Rob Daalhuyzen of Sharon, was spotted by a friend of Daalhuyzen’s who was driving in Colebrook.The sign was leaning against a bush in the yard of an apparently abandoned house, Daalhuyzen said.“It’s weird. I was working on a house about half a mile away, and went over. A lady driving by said the people had moved out. It was the only thing left there.”The chicken sign is not complete. The feet are missing, as are the supports from its free-standing (as opposed to free range) days.And the legend “1/2 mile” has been spray painted out.“It’s got some battle wounds,” Daalhuyzen said.

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