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Sgt. Ohler injured in Afghanistan

NORTH CANAAN — Sgt. Brian Ohler, 28, was wounded while out on patrol with his unit in Farah, Afghanistan, on Saturday night, Sept. 17. Farah is a city in western Afghanistan on the Farah River.His brother, Keith Ohler, who lives in North Canaan with his wife, Erin, owns and operates the Caddie Shack and Steppin’ Stone. “Brian’s unit was hit by an IED [Improvised Explosive Device], which blew up between two Humvees,”he said in an interview Tuesday morning with The Lakeville Journal. “He was in charge, and everyone got out, there were about 25 of them.” The unit fought its way through the Taliban attack, according to a local source.Keith said his brother suffered a head trauma and a shoulder separation. “I talked to him on Sunday and he sounded good.”Brian will be out for a couple of weeks, Keith said, and then they’ll evaluate him as far as the head injury goes. “Nobody knows the extent of head injuries, especially since this is the third time he’s had one. They’ll just need to evaluate him and we’re hoping for the best.”Brian is an Army reservist, and received his first two injuries while serving in Iraq from 2003 to 2004 and 2006 to 2007.A 2002 graduate of Oliver Wolcott Technical School in Torrington, he owned the Dollar Depot on Route 7 until it closed in late 2010; provided security for celebrities while they were traveling; and is active in civic organizations when home in North Canaan. His parents are David Ohler and Melissa Ohler, both of North Canaan.

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