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Letters to the Editor September 15

Nomination was proper

At last week’s Town Board meeting, Pamela Michaud accused the Democratic Party of “a shameful miscarriage of justice”  at its caucus when members voted to nominate David Sherman rather than John Merwin to be their candidate for town supervisor.

Ms. Michaud’s statement implies that Mr. Sherman’s nomination was somehow improper. The Democratic caucus process was simple. Anyone who wished to be nominated — regardless of party — could request to do so at the caucus. They then made brief statements about their goals and qualifications, and the audience asked them questions. Nominations followed. Then there was a discussion period amongst Democrats in attendance and votes were cast.

If Ms. Michaud had been at the caucus, she would have heard the thoughtful discussion and polite interchange of views that took place among the 67 people in attendance. When the votes were counted, Mr. Sherman prevailed 38 to 29.

Mr. Sherman received the substantial margin of 56.7 percent of the vote at what was by far the largest Democratic caucus turnout in anyone’s memory. Ms. Michaud may not like the outcome but to question the legitimacy of that outcome  insults the open caucus process and all the Democrats who took time on their busy Saturday morning to attend and cast their votes for their candidate of choice.

Anne Veteran



United Party favors John Merwin

I am writing on behalf of the newly formed North East United Party to express our strong and enthusiastic support for our candidate, John Merwin, who is running for position of supervisor of the town of North East on the Independent line.

As members of diverse political parties, we represent a cross-section of the community who feel strongly that it is time for a change, and we believe without reservation that John is the man to guide the town at this critical juncture. His unique combination of intelligence, character, education, experience and skills will be of great benefit to this community.

John has always been ready to respond when he perceives a need. A lifelong area resident and well-loved public school teacher, John has held the position of president of the Webutuck Teacher Association and has served as a coach. He has been a volunteer Millerton firefighter and EMT and was captain of the Rescue Squad. Currently a member of the town of North East Zoning Board of Appeals, John has also been a member of the town of North East Planning Board and has served as a town councilman in both Amenia and North East.

As a family man with children and grandchildren, John Merwin is aware of the tough issues families in the town of North East are facing. Saving the town money and lowering taxes will be among his top priorities. Those who have known John for many years know that he will serve the town of North East in a fair, open and accessible manner. It is high time the entire community is represented and not just a select few.

Incumbent councilman David McGhee will be John’s running mate on the North East United ticket. We are pleased to say that soon you will be seeing our signs for both candidates going up all over town. We will keep you updated on any events we may have, and, of course, we hope you will come out on Tuesday, Nov. 8, to show your support for John Merwin and North East United.

Pamela Michaud

North East United Party



Welcome to the 2011-12 school year

Please allow me to introduce myself as your new superintendent of schools. My name is James A. Gratto, and I am from the Plattsburgh, N.Y., area. I have worked for the past 24 years as a teacher, coach and principal at Saranac Central School in Clinton County and I am honored to have been chosen as your superintendent.

The Board of Education worked extremely hard throughout the summer to position the school for a successful start. Their hard work, time and dedication deserve much appreciation and thanks.  We are truly set up for your children to have a productive and successful year.

As we move forward, I invite you to get as involved as you can in your children’s education.  Parent participation really is a critical piece of student success.  Also, when you have time, please feel free to stop in and meet with me, email or call 845-373-4100. I am looking forward to getting to know you.

James A. Gratto Jr., Superintendent

North East (Webutuck) Central School District

New Paltz


Plates with a purpose

The Millerton Fire Company would like to thank all who came to join us for our breakfast. We served a total of 211 meals. A special thanks to all who came to help. Without you it cannot happen.

Al Andrews, Bill Lutz and Vickie Moore


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