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Turning Back The Pages 9-15

75 years ago — September 1936
SALISBURY — Dr. and Mrs. John C. Goddard attended the golf tournament at Norfolk Monday.

TACONIC — Mr. and Mrs. Jules Rebillard and children of New Britain, Conn., spent the weekend at their camp at Kelsey’s shore.

LAKEVILLE — Mr. John McChesney received a fractured left collar bone on Wednesday when the saddle horse he was riding stepped into a woodchuck hole and stumbled, throwing Mr. McChesney. He is reported as comfortable.

SALISBURY — The Grove School has been repainted.

50 years ago — September 1961
CANAAN — Mr. and Mrs. John Winn have returned to their home on East Main Street after a motor tour of Cape Cod.

Mrs. John Van B. Griggs and son, Stephen, who have been spending the summer on Mount Riga have returned to their home in Ojai, Cal.

Eight-year-old Kathy Farwell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Farwell of Lakeville, stroked her way across Lake Wononscopomuc last Sunday afternoon using a steady, smooth Australian Crawl, reaching the opposite shore within 49 minutes and 12 seconds from the time she entered the water. Only once did she turn on her back long enough to look at her instructor, Miss Jeannette Axelby, and with a big smile remark, “My arms are tired, but I’m not.” Miss Axelby states that as far as she knows Kathy is the youngest swimmer to have crossed the lake. She also commented that Kathy is a natural in the water and that the only training she needed this past year was to perfect her breathing and stroke timing for long distance swimming.

25 years ago — September 1986
State Rep. Anthony Nania (R-63) has received written assurance from the state Department of Transportation that the southern end of Route 7A will not be closed.
The DOT had briefly toyed with the idea of making the road a dead-end street after investigation this summer revealed that the bridge spanning a rail crossing near the Connecticut-Massachusetts border was badly deteriorated.

Taken from decades-old Lake-ville Journals, these items contain original spellings and phrases.

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