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Region One refund for towns

FALLS VILLAGE — At the Sept. 12 meeting of the Region One Board of Education, Region One Business Manager Sam Herrick reported a surplus of $282,350 from the 2010-11 budget, which will be distributed to the six member towns in the form of a credit against their April 2012 assessment.The six towns of the school district share costs for the regional high school and other regional education services. Each town’s share is based on the number of students it sends to the schools. “We came out very favorably from a budget standpoint [this year],” Herrick said. Cornwall’s credit will be $26,029; town of Canaan (Falls Village), $25,131; Kent, $51,116; North Canaan, $70,077; Salisbury, $58,773; Sharon, $51,226.Housatonic Valley Regional High School had a positive balance of $122,304; Pupil Services (including special education) $183,648; and the Regional Schools Services Center (aka the Central Office) a negative balance of $23,602.Herrick said the high school surplus was due largely to savings in salaries and benefits and the Pupil Services surplus resulted from state grants that offset the cost of expensive outplacements for children with special needs. The Regional Schools Services Center deficit was primarily caused by higher than anticipated legal fees. He did not specify what those fees were for. Herrick also reported on work done at the high school over the summer: an upgrade was made in the kitchen, with a new ceiling and improved lighting; the high school front office and the student assistance office switched spaces; and the walk-in cooler and freezer, which failed over the summer, was replaced. Herrick said the unit was almost 12 years old, and the decision was made to replace it as it was at the end of its useful life.Other improvements include exterior masonry repairs, rekeying the high school building, roof repairs at Sharon Center School and window replacement at Salisbury Central School.Region One School District Superintendent Patricia Chamberlain provided unofficial enrollment figures for the seven schools in the district. As of Aug. 30, they are: Cornwall, 106; Falls Village (Lee H. Kellogg School),86; Kent, 275; North Canaan, 313; Salisbury, 309; Sharon, 192; and Housatonic Valley Regional High School, 475.The official enrollments will be determined on Oct. 1. The number of students enrolled this year will determine each town’s share of the regional education budget for the 2012-13 fiscal year.Chamberlain also mentioned that The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville will host a math and science day for Region One sixth graders Oct. 17. The event will be similar to the annual Grade Four Arts Day.

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