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Quarry Hill Farm Arabians on view

LAKEVILLE — According to www.arabhorse.com, the Arabian Horse Network website, there are only two Arabian breeding farms in Connecticut, two in New York state and none in Massachusetts. In a region thick with equines this may seem a little surprising. But while the Arabian horse may be for many iconic — think flowing mane and tail, flared nostrils, high-stepping gait — its popularity as an all-round equine partner is still building.Rae and Marshall Schwarz, owners of Quarry Hill Farm in Lakeville, an Arabian horse breeding farm, are doing their best to educate both the general public and all manner of horse lovers.For several years they have held an annual open house, welcoming one and all to the farm to get up close and personal with an Arabian. This year the open house will be Saturday, Sept. 10. It is an opportunity for visitors to meander down the barn aisles, inhale the warm aroma of eau de chevaux and watch the horses in action.While Quarry Hill is a breeding farm (Lakeville Journal, Jan. 21, 2010) their work does not stop there. Rae Schwarz with the help of her farm manager and head trainer, Bill Bohl, trains and shows the horses they breed and raise.Schwarz, whose love affair with Arabians started years ago when she was doing endurance riding, now shows in English equitation. One of the things she likes best about Arabians is their versatility and that is the focus of the open house. In addition to showing off the mares and their foals, the geldings and the resident stallion, (there are nearly 35 horses on the farm) there will be exhibitions in four different disciplines. “The idea is to introduce people to the Arabian horse. We get a lot of people who like horses but don’t know the breed,” Schwarz said. “This year we’re having professional presenters show them in a multiple of disciplines. Rodney Eckenrode from Annville, Penn., will introduce western pleasure.” Western pleasure is a style of going in which the horse’s profile and movement are very relaxed and lopey. The differences between western, hunter and English pleasure classes will all be demonstrated, and there will be a presentation on the sport of endurance and competitive trail riding as well.Quarry Hill Farm Open House is Saturday, Sept. 10, from noon to 4 p.m. with a barbecue lunch at 1 p.m. Reservations are required. For more information or to make a reservation call 860-435-2571 or email info@quarryhillfarm.com.

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