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Duplicate bridge results reported

LAKEVILLE — The weekly duplicate bridge game on Aug. 17 was at the Interlaken Inn in Lakeville. Following a delicious lunch, we had nine full tables. We played three boards a round so all pairs played 27 boards. The average score was 108. For North South pairs, in first with133.5 points (61.81 percent) were Muriel Rothstein and her daughter, Gail Gamble; in second with 128 points (59.26 percent) were Emily and Billy Saster; in third with 125.5 points (58.1percent) were Wendy Summer and Harry Hall. For East West pairs, in first with 120 points (55.56 percent) were Ann Patton and Mary Robertson; in second with 116 points (53.7 percent) were Joan Turnure and Sue Lynch; tied for third with 112.5 points (52.08 percent) were two pairs: Lindley Young playing with Daphne Hurford and Lilly Beck playing with Dorothy Simmons.We had eleven-and-a-half tables on Aug. 25. We played three boards a round. East West pairs had a three-board sit out. Because so many boards were in play, we cut off the game after eight rounds and did not play all 10 rounds. The computer is programmed to handle the scoring, which becomes quite — overly — complicated when done manually. The average score was 84. For North South pairs, in first with 113.77 points (67.7 2percent) were Trish Stimpson and Gigi Noyes; in second with 94.09 points (56.01 percent) were Linda and Bernard Dishy; and in third with 91.11 points (54.23 percent) were Kay and Fred Joseph. For East West pairs, in first with 108.93 points (64.84 percent) were Lilly Beck and Kit Kellogg; in second with 99.78 points (59.39 percent) were Kay Key and Biz Rogers; and in third with 94.31 points (56.14 percent) were Lindley Young and Daphne Hurford.

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