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Rebuilding Together seeks homeowners in need

DUTCHESS COUNTY — It’s not easy getting older or having a disability, especially for those who need to make repairs to their properties but just can’t seem to manage the work on their own. It’s even tougher when working with a tight, or nonexistent, budget. That’s when programs like Rebuilding Together Dutchess County come in handy — providing home repairs for low-income elderly, veterans and disabled homeowners in Dutchess County. The program is now asking local communities for help “in finding qualified recipients who can benefit from our cost-free repair efforts on April 28, 2012, and Oct. 27, 2012,” according to Rebuilding Together Dutchess County Executive Director Christina Boryk.The subject has arisen at area Town Board meetings, where board members have discussed the merits of the program and asked the media to spread the word. “You have a unique vantage point and the ability to get out the word about our services,” stated Boryk. “We would be happy to accept direct referrals from you of qualified homeowners in need. Keep in mind, too, that we would also consider a group of homes in the same neighborhood, where our work could benefit not only the homeowner but the entire community as well.”The application deadline is Nov. 30, and application forms may be picked up at town and village halls around Dutchess County. Part of the application process includes verifying homeowner qualifications and a home inspection, although a home inspection does not mean one has been selected for the program. The form underscores that “qualification means that you meet our income and home ownership requirements; this does not mean you have been selected to receive services.” If one does not qualify, they will be notified. Appointments will be made for those who do qualify. “Making your home warm, safe and dry are our main priorities,” stated Boryk. After all qualified homes have been inspected, one will be selected by a review committee; homeowners will be notified in February or March. “Unfortunately, not all homes can be selected,” Boryk stated, adding the organization is funded through sponsorships and grants from the community. “Rebuilding Together must base the number of homes completed on the funds available to us.”She added the application process is lengthy and asks applicants to be patient. Anyone with questions may call 845-454-7310.Home ownership requirements follow below.• Applicants must own and reside in the home requiring the repair.• Life tenancy or life estate agreements also qualify for the program.• The homes must be free of liens other than mortgages or home equity loans.• The homeowner is expected to reside in the home for a minimum of two years following the repairs.Entire household gross incomes must fall within the following amounts (80 percent of the county median):• Household of 1 — $44,950• Household of 2 — $51,400• Household of 3 — $57,800• Household of 4 — $64,200• Household of 5 — $69,350• Household of 6 — $74,500• Household of 7 — $79,650• Household of 8 — $84,750

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