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Farewell to a great lady

This newspaper lost a friend and mentor this week. While every friendship has its ebbs and flows, Charlotte Reid’s respect and appreciation for community journalism was a constant. When she was being covered by this newspaper’s reporters during her time as first selectman of Salisbury, in the 1970s and 1980s (see her obituary and a front page article in this newspaper), she may not have always liked or agreed with what was written. But she did unfailingly acknowledge that such coverage was a necessity for open, free and effective local government.Reid proved her belief in community journalism when she acquiesced to the entreaties of former Lakeville Journal publisher, the late Robert Hatch, to join his newspaper as a reporter after her run as first selectman was over. The same evening of the day she stepped down from town government after 16 active and sometimes controversial years, Hatch visited her home with a bottle of wine and all the charm he could muster (and that was a considerable amount.) After all, this was to have been her retirement. But Charlotte was never one to be bored or inactive; she accepted his challenge and remained a reporter for The Lakeville Journal for 10 years. Thank you to Charlotte for her service and commitment to her beloved Salisbury and to The Lakeville Journal. She set a standard for town service and activism that was high. Those who emulate her and admired her, and there are many in this region who do, should continuously strive to meet that standard. She would have it no other way.

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