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Trinity walks are sometimes chatty, sometimes quiet

LIME ROCK — Trinity Lime Rock’s website offers “Companionship Along the Way,” and last Friday Geoff Brown, Alexis Dorf and Vicar Heidi Truax met in the parking lot at 8 a.m. for their weekly Friday walk.Jupiter the dog provided additional companionship, and the way was Dugway Road.Truax explained, as the group moved out, that sometimes the group discusses church business on the walks. Other times it works out as a sort of walking meditation.In any event, the idea is to keep moving. “We think better, talk better,” said Truax.The talkative Dorf steered the conversation around to broadening Trinity’s reach. “We need to broaden our horizons,” she said. “We tend to be a little insular.”She then reeled off a list of outreach activities and collaborations — with Habitat for Humanity, Noble Horizons, ties with a parish in Honduras, the upcoming art show.The routine on the walk is to move along at a pretty decent clip for half an hour or so, and then turn back. Brown led the group and set the pace, once turning around and saying, while walking backward, “I feel like I’m giving a college tour.”As the group turned back for the return, another figure appeared — with three dogs, one large and two economy-sized.This was Terri Brennan, a regular in the group and Wills (the large dog), Puppers and Mollie.Brennan apologized for being late, and the group continued, keeping an eye out for cars.It was a relatively cool morning but the promise of heat and humidity was real. Foreheads were mopped. The dogs gamboled around the walkers. Auto traffic was minimal. The conversation was wide-ranging and lively. It was a very pleasant way to start the day.And since the walk is billed as “Walk, Talk, Pray,” there was a brief group prayer at the end. The dogs helped with that, too.Truax said Trinity Lime Rock has about 250 individual members; the average Sunday attendance is about 70.“It’s a companionable church,” Dorf said. “We enjoy each other’s company.”Trinity Lime Rock’s website is www.trinitylimerock.org.

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