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Only cream of veal crop at Cream Hill Veal

CORNWALL — A regular at the Cornwall Farm Market is Cream Hill Veal and Bob Kennedy, who is quick to note the business really belongs to his son, Will Kennedy.“I’m retired, so I’m helping him out,” he said. “I enjoy being here every Saturday. It’s a real social event, like a gathering of friends.”Summers find the business at three farm markets, including Amenia and Norfolk, where it’s more about advertising than volume selling. Market customers are often buying veal for weekend entertaining; their guests are sure to hear the meat was locally raised.The Kennedys used to be in the dairy business, and like many, switched to an agricultural pursuit where there is more hope of turning a profit. They remain true to their heritage of following nature’s way.“Our veal is very natural, as it used to be years ago,” Bob Kennedy said. “The cows are grass fed and we never use hormones.”They are not certified organic, simply because of the hassle of that regulatory process. Customers can flip through a photo album that shows the humane, never restrained or caged, way in which the calves are kept. Instead, they have large, airy pens in a barn where they are nursed by their mothers and cozy up together for naps.When they are 3 months old and about 100 pounds, they come to the end of their short but comfortable lives. The Kennedys keep a breeding herd of about 20 Holsteins and Brown Swiss, and raise 15 to 20 calves at a time.Will Kennedy said he’s had 10-year olds ask him if his calves are given hormones.“I don’t know where they hear that, probably school or from their parents,” he said, “but it shows how much awareness there is.”Cream Hill Veal has been in business for eight years, and attending the farm market for three. They sell a wide variety of cuts and offer recipes for customers to take along, too.For more information, go online to www.creamhillveal.com.

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