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LaPointe considering BOE run

WINSTED — David LaPointe, chairman of the Winsted Independent Party, said he is seriously considering running for the town’s Board of Education.LaPointe served on the board from 2001 until 2004. He was ousted from the board a few months into 2004.LaPointe subsequently filed a lawsuit against the board for the ouster, but it was dismissed by a federal judge in 2008.In an interview with The Winsted Journal, LaPointe was critical of the current Board of Education.“I believe that the majority of the board all have vested interests and conflict of interests,” he said. “They are not serving in the best interests of the students or the taxpayers who fund education. It’s quite evident that they believe that money is the answer to all of the problems of the education system when in fact it’s money that is part of the problem.”LaPointe singled out current Board of Education Chairman Kathleen O’Brien as having a conflict of interest due to her working as a teacher in a different school district.“She is a teacher, but she is voting on raises, benefits and contracts,” O’Brien said. “It always behooves her to vote for more spending. She has a right to serve on the board, but she should recuse herself from votes. She hasn’t. [O’Brien] should know her ethical boundaries, but she believes that there are no boundaries.”LaPointe said he is looking for other candidates willing to run with him on the Winsted Independent Party ticket.“I am looking for other fiscal conservatives,” he said. “Instead of worrying about getting SMART Boards, we should make sure that children can solve problems. We should have more money thrown to a system that is the old-school way. Why do we need SMART Boards when chalk and erasers have done the job for over 100 years? We have to go back to the basics in education with our school systems.”LaPointe added that the party will hold its caucus to nominate candidates in the next few weeks.

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