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Fort Lauderdale team dominates Ferrari Challenge

Lime Rock — In the first of two Ferrari Challenge races at Lime Rock Park last weekend, polesitter Enzo Potolicchio (Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale) of Venezuela led flag-to-flag for the win. Despite leading all the laps, Potolicchio was tailed closely the entire race, first by Emmanuel Anassis (Ferrari of Quebec), who fell back mid-race after cutting a tire, then by Mark McKenzie (Ferrari of Houston). On lap 16, the race went full course caution to remove the John Farano 458 (Algar Ferrari) from the entrance to Turn 3, and on the start until the checker, Potolicchio was able to fend off the advances of McKenzie. Finishing third after a fine drive from seventh on the grid was Darren Crystal (Ferrari of Houston), followed by Paddins Dowling (Ferrari of San Francisco) and Anassis.Cooper MacNeil (Ferrari of Houston) also cut a tire, but joined and set the fastest lap (0:55.834 sec) on his way to ninth place in the 458 class.Winning the 430 class was Juan Hinestrosa (Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale), seventh overall, with Damon Ockey second and Ryan Ockey third (both Ferrari of Ontario).In race two of the Ferrari Challenge, Emmanuel Anassis (Ferrari of Quebec) relentlessly hounded polesitter and race one winner Enzo Potolicchio (Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale) — at times nearly tapping Enzo’s rear bumper — but finally made the pass going into the uphill corner for the lead with 11 laps to go. Two laps later, Potolicchio had a right front tire go down and from that point on, Anassis cruised to the win, finishing 15 seconds in front of second-place Cooper MacNeil (Ferrari of Houston). Third was Mark McKenzie (Ferrari of Houston), ahead of Robert Herjavec (Ferrari of Ontario) and Paddins Dowling (Ferrari of San Francisco). Anassis also set the fastest race-lap, turning a 0:55.912 mid-race.In the 430 class, Juan Hinestrosa (Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale) took his second win of the day (eighth overall), ahead of Guy LeClerc (Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale) and Christopher Ruud (Ferrari of Silicon Valley).

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