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Visionary Computer looking toward the future

LAKEVILLE — Tucked into a quiet corner of Lakeville is Visionary Computer, where David Maffucci has been selling and servicing Apple computers for four years at 29 Bissell St. (before that, he worked out of his home and used the offices of The Lakeville Journal for drop-offs and pickups).It comes as a surprise to many people when they learn that they can buy an iMac from Visionary Computer at the same price as at the Apple store or by mail order, Maffucci said.And Maffucci has big plans for his business, founded in 1994. He has hired Thomas Kelly, who worked at the Apple store in Danbury. Allen Berrien has been on board for a while now, handling service jobs, so now Visionary is ready to expand its retail presence.The changes are rolling out in the next few weeks, including a showroom that will have demonstration areas so customers can try out new products. Visionary will also offer free seminars in what Maffucci calls the “theater space.”In the seminars, customers “can learn what their kids are too busy to tell them,” said Maffucci. Things like backing up Time Machine, synchronizing email with a phone, using iCloud.“And whatever else customers want.”Visionary will also offer more specific classes, which will have a $40 fee attached.

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