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Tattoo and piercing parlor opens in Millerton

MILLERTON — Talisman Studios, which specializes in tattooing and piercing, has made its new home in the Thompson Plaza on Route 44, above the North East Athletic Club.Two tattoo artists work in the shop.Rob Romancik has been tattooing for roughly a dozen years. His style is very versatile and often utilizes intricate shading. He said his favorite style to work in is fantasy. Jason Sherman has been working his craft for three years and specializes in Celtic and tribal designs.The studio offers a computer system that allows customers to browse tens of thousands of tattoo images sorted by subject. Sherman said that he and Romancik will sit down with customers and help them create or alter their design until it is exactly how the customer wants it, adding that sometimes three staff members will “beat [their] brains” to help clean up ideas.The staff is certified in blood-borne pathogens, communicable diseases, CPR for adults and children and first aid. They maintain or exceed all industry standards for cleanliness and safety.Sherman says that tattooing people is an intimate privilege and the art should be respected. He believes that tattooing is no longer an act of rebellion and does not have the same stigma it had a decade or two ago.“I grew up here. I love this area. I hope to bring a positive impact,” he said. “There are a lot of kids that look up to this sort of stuff and they’ve got to know it’s OK to express themselves in a tasteful way.” He joked that some say he is pretty conservative for a tattoo artist and might ask of a wild idea, “Will your mom like that?”The shop offers tattooing in many different styles, including UV (also known as “black light”) tattoos. It also performs standard piercings (ears, eyebrows, navels, tongues, etc.) as well as surface piercings and microdermals.The artists can be contacted at 518-789-6055. More information can also be found at www.talismantats.com.

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