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Winsted family takes cross-country rail

WINSTED — Board of Education member and longtime local recreation supporter Jim DiVita dropped by The Winsted Journal’s Main Street office recently to show off some photos taken on a recent trip to Portland, Ore., where he traveled by train with family members to attend a family reunion.DiVita, 67, traveled with his brother-in-law, Fred Newman, 68, another well-known local official who heads up the Winchester Housing Authority. Traveling with DiVita’s two sisters, Joan and Mary (Mary is married to Fred), the group decided a transcontinental train ride was the way to go.“I always wanted to go on a cross-country train ride,” DiVita said. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing.”Though DiVita had traveled all over the world as a member of the U.S. Air force, he said the cross-country trip was an amazing experience. “The Rockies were a sight. Everybody was waiting to see them,” he said. “And we saw many acres of flooded land around the Columbia River and the Mississippi.”When they got to the West Coast, the DiVitas and Newmans were greeted by about 100 relatives and friends who were celebrating a surprise 90th birthday party and family reunion. The travelers visited Portland and took in scenic views of the Pacific Ocean. “The water is about 40 degrees there year-round,” DiVita said, “so no one was swimming.”Catching up with relatives he hadn’t seen in two decades, DiVita said he thoroughly enjoyed the cross-country voyage. Still, it’s a long trip, so don’t be surprised if next time he travels by plane.

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