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He’s . . . Alive!

Get in your car. Drive to Seven Hills Inn in Lenox, MA, next to The Mount. Leave your brain and common sense in the car because you won’t need them to enjoy the deliciously silly “Ludwig Live!” The premise is the debut of Ludwig van Beethoven’s cabaret act, but the entire cast and staff except for the stage manager have quit. Beethoven insists the “show must go on!” and intimidates the stage manager into playing all the parts by thundering out the first four chords of his “Ninth Symphony.” What follows is a hilarious send-up of classical and contemporary composers, all genres of music and numbers of present-day personalities. Charles Lindberg, who looks like Beethoven with a gloriously ludicrous wig, plays all the music from classical to hip hop, sings with a very strong voice, and delivers one-liners with aplomb. But the show belongs to Kathy Pecevich. She is a dynamo! Pecevich plays many other characters — Mozart, Haydn, Napoleon and Presley to name a few. Along with her rich singing voice, she dances, mugs and does impressions, including a terrific Sarah Palin. Audience members can’t refuse Pecevich when she invites them onstage to participate in “Beethoven van Trivia,” in which she improvises interviews. There is nothing this performer cannot do well. Making a guest appearance is Robin Gerson Wong, the owner of the Seven Hills Inn, who sings a take-off on “Be My Guest” from “Beauty and the Beast” as a travelogue of the Berkshires. Quirky Nancy Holson is the fertile mind behind this show. Holson, who wrote the hit comedy “The News in Revue,” which played the Berkshires for 15 years and has toured around the country, has peppered the show with wonderfully corny jokes and witty one-liners poking fun at anything and everything during the last 300 years in music, politics and public life. Employing contemporary references, such as the approval of gay marriage in New York, suggests that the show will be rewritten to satirize current social trends, political folderol and newsworthy personalities. The performance space is the Seven Hills Inn banquet room and it is open seating. The admission price of $40 includes dessert. “Ludwig Live” runs through Aug. 30. Performances are daily at 8:30 p.m. (except Wednesdays), and on Saturdays the show starts at 11 p.m. For reservations, go to www.ovationtix.com or call 866-811-4111. More information is available at the inn: 413-637-0060.

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