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Letters to the Editor July 7

Thanks for the news coverage

On behalf of the North East Community Center (NECC), thank you to The Millerton News for covering our event, Spring For Sound 2011, the Music in Millie Event. The decks at NECC were the place to be on June 11 as 17 musical acts took the stage showcase style, braved the rain and performed for a very appreciative crowd until midnight.  Two bands were inadvertently left out of The Millerton News article and we would like to offer them this special shout out.

Take One Car and The Nice Ones — y’all brought it! Thank you.

We also want to thank our sponsors for graciously contributing products and services to this event — No. 9 Restaurant, Keegan Ales, The Millerton Fire Department, Sam Lundeen, Manna Dew Café, Harney & Sons Teas, Harney & Sons Tea Room, Salsa Fresca, Grand Union, Coco’s Crumbs, Maureen Rooney Designs, Robin Hood Radio and Country Gardeners.

And we would like to thank our team of volunteers for making it all happen:

Michael Rooney, Taryn Cocheo, Graham Stone, John Panzer, Troy Ramcharran, Victoria Alexander, Anna Clune, Michael Clune, Nick Peterson, Kim Capelaro, John Mahoney, Pat Pattison, Taigh Panzer, Finn Harney, CJ Zanghi-Clark.  Our emcees, Peter Richmond, Jonathan Bee, John Scutieri, and special guest, Kristen Johnston — thank you for your infectious enthusiasm and humor. And to our new friend, Hailey Elwood, thanks for holding it down at the entrance all night.

We are inspired by the talent and dedication of the musicians who played at Spring for Sound 2011. The Kyles are honored to have shared a stage with you. SFS 2012! Woot woot!

Finally, Jenny Hansell and the NECC staff — thank you for all you do at NECC. Growing Together, Care Car, after school, the farmers market — all your programming — the work you do is so important to this community and you do it so well, it just makes us want to celebrate.

Kristen Panzer

Mimi Ramos Harney



Maplebrook is charmingly different

On June 5, a weekend filled with lots of end-of-the-year fanfare and achievement, the school year culminated on the Maplebrook School campus with the graduation of 25 young men and women amidst a crowd of 300 faculty/staff members, parents/family members, alumni, trustees and friends in the community.

How is this different from any other school in the area?  Maplebrook School is a coeducational boarding school for students with learning differences and/or who may exhibit learning disorders.

For over 65 years, Maplebrook School has provided quality programs to prepare our students for the challenges that lie ahead.  The values — self-confidence, academic and vocational skills gained — combined with the fun, friendship and challenging activities that are also Maplebrook hallmarks, have made our school the perfect environment to help us achieve our ultimate goal: preparing our students to achieve their goals.

Recently, Maplebrook School met the challenge of spending 18 months preparing a self-study report as a requirement for its 10-year re-accreditation.  The school was visited in April by a six-member team of educators and administrators who spent four days observing classes and interviewing faculty, staff, students, parents and trustees to determine whether the school does what is says.

 I am proud to announce, on behalf of the Maplebrook School Board of Trustees, that we achieved our goal of re-accreditation by the New York State Association of Independent Schools.

Being the provider of specialized programs that make such a difference in the lives of our students is a huge responsibility; it is a challenge we embrace.  With the guidance and recommendations of the visiting accreditation team and the support of our faculty/staff, parents, alumni , board members and friends in the community, Maplebrook School will continue to offer quality programs and help prepare its students to achieve their goals, such as those realized at the 2011 commencement.

Donna M. Konkolics, Head of School

Maplebrook School



The Ten Commandments still offer sound guidance

Gambling is legal; unbridled drinking of alcohol is legal; adultery and all forms of “free sex” are legal; abortion is legal; and now same-sex marriage is legal.

 Does the legalizing of such practices make them right? Is this really cause for celebration? Is there merriment because as a society we are no longer “bound” by the restraints of outmoded biblical morality?

This latest legislation, hailed by so many as a great victory, is rather a tragedy because it is another indicator that God’s standard and authority for human behavior are being increasingly rejected and deemed invalid.

Your editorial in The Millerton New infers that for 200-plus years of American history our nation and its leaders have been wrong to base our society’s morality on the revelation of the Ten Commandments, as given in the Bible.

Now we have come out of “the dark ages” at last, no longer needing God to be our guide. We are free to live as we please, since personal accountability to God is only religious fiction.

Let it be asked:

Was George Washington mistaken when our first president wrote: “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible?”

Was Benjamin Franklin out of order when he, as the eldest statesman, called for appeal to God in daily public prayer as the Constitutional Convention delegates faced a critical impasse in their deliberations at Philadelphia?

Was Abraham Lincoln in error when, in 1863 during the difficult days of the Civil War, he issued a proclamation for a day of national prayer and humiliation before Almighty God?

Were these men un-American because they believed in and taught biblical morality as the foundation and strength of citizens in our land?

If behavior that clearly contradicts God’s pattern is allowed, how can we expect, as many often sing, “God, bless America?”

I commend those state senators and assemblymen in New York who had the courage to withstand the political pressure of the homosexual lobby and vote against the measure. They cast their vote for historic American morality in our marriages, homes and nation

Henry A. Prause, Pastor

North East Baptist Church

 North East

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