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Town Board gets down to business

PINE PLAINS — The Town Board took care of a plethora of issues at its monthly meeting on Thursday, June 16, at the Town Hall. Due to a public hearing on the proposed expansion of the Critical Environmental Area (CEA) of the Stissing Mountain area there was a filled-to-capacity crowd.

Working through the agenda

The beginning of the meeting dealt with standard housekeeping matters, including: the town clerk’s report, the Planning Board’s report, the water report and the Recreation Department report. It was decided bills would be paid following an executive session.

Remembering a friend

Long-time town employee Pat Bossolini, whose husband, Frank, recently passed away, was mentioned by town Supervisor Gregg Pulver. The supervisor said that Bossolini’s goal of making it to the town’s traditional Memorial Day parade this year was accomplished, and that was something everyone was thankful for. Those present also took a moment to honor the passing of the stalwart resident’s passing, and to offer his wife support from the community-at-large.

Making the streets safer

The floor then opened up to public comments, the first of which was raised by resident Paul Grant.

“I wanted to ask if there is some way you might consider  bringing the town together as a group to make the town safer?” he asked. “Two weeks ago there was an accident with a woman driving under the influence.”

Pulver said he has been working on that very issue, and that he has been in contact with both the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office and the New York State Police.

“I’d like to get everyone together,” he said. “We can meet either at the Lions Pavilion or at the community center and have a forum with the sheriff and the state police both. This isn’t  going to happen in June and we’ll have plenty of press about it.”

Improving communications

The next comment regarded the public hearing that night, on the CEA, but more specifically on the tools the town used to inform its citizens about the actual hearing.

“I would like to request all information be put on the website before a public hearing,” resident Susan Crossley said. “Lots of people in the city only come up on weekends or work 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We have a fabulous website, let’s use it.”

“I would like to second that,” said resident Jane Waters. “I went to the website assuming information would be there [and was disappointed].”

“I’m not saying you didn’t meet the legal requirements,” added resident Stan Hirson, “but [that’s not good enough].”

Details from the DPW

During the report on the Pine Plains Water Improvement Area engineer Ray Jurkowski said a Request for Proposals (RFP) has  been sent out for planting street trees on Main Street.

The plan is to replace two trees.He said, “The low bid is Millerton Nursery, at $6,963 for furnishing and installing 10 street trees on various properties.”

According to Pulver, Millerton Nursery planted trees on Myrtle Avenue and did a good job. They also guaranteed the trees, two of which they replaced after a year had passed and the trees had taken a turn for the worse.

The board unanimously voted to move forward with Jurkowski’s recommendation.

The  engineer also said he had met with the cemetery management to move forward with installing a water meter on the property. The pressure relief valves in the water station have been in service for more than 20 years and have recently started leaking.

“An outfit from Troy is sending a quote to rebuild those,” he said.

He then brought up the water report, which he said was a good one.

“It was very good,” seconded Councilwoman Sandra David, who added the report is available on the town’s website: pineplains-ny.gov. “We have nice clean water.”

“We’re blessed with very clean water in the town of Pine Plains,” agreed Jurkowski. “And plenty of it.”

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