Letters to the Editor - Lakeville Journal - 10-25-18

Questionable advertising in representative race

I’ve been puzzled recently by the sweeping claims in the Brian Ohler lawn signs:  

“Veterans for Brian”, Women For Brian,” etc. The implication is that all, or even most, veterans endorse Ohler, which is certainly not true. I’m married to a veteran and he doesn’t like the guy at all. He doesn’t like the way Ohler plays on his military service to gain sympathy and support. That seems more like opportunism than patriotism. For the record, I am the daughter of a serviceman who died in battle. His mission — though fatal for my dad — saved many other lives. I never heard his brothers in arms bragging about it.   

 And what about those  “Women for Brian” signs? I am fortunate enough to have many many women friends. Almost all are dead set against Ohler. They, and many men, are voting for Maria Horn because of her intelligent, honest and strategically sound approach to the issues confronting our area: jobs, affordable housing, health care.    

Everyone must, of course, vote  for the person they  believe would best serve the needs of Connecticut’s 64th District. But it’s vitally important that their belief is based on fact, not on self-serving or unsubstantiated claims.

Marjorie Palmer



I am voting for Maria Horn

While my mother was in Noble Horizons, I had the opportunity to meet and spend some time with another resident. A very lovely woman, who was warm, kind and always greeted you with a smile: Pat Horn. Then I met her, daughter, Maria Horn. I instantly recognized her mother’s genuine qualities in her.   

After the 2016 election, women across this country stood up for the things that they cared about. One of the defining trends of 2018’s upcoming elections: more women are running for public office than ever before.  Maria Horn is one of those women.  

Maria, like thousands of other women, are running for the right reasons: because they deeply care about the direction of our state and country.  

After 16 years of representing the 64th District as your state representative, I know full well what the job entails: dedication, legislative knowledge and cooperation, the ability to gain the respect of colleagues, ideas that allow for new approaches, and, most importantly, an ability to translate voters’ concerns and needs into legislative action.  Maria’s energy in her community work and the way in which she has reached out to voters over the past eight months has been nothing short of incredible.  

I know firsthand that it takes more than words to make a difference. It takes hard work, commitment, clear beliefs and a willingness to take on tough challenges. These are qualities that will make Maria Horn an effective leader. 

I am proud to support her.  

Roberta Willis



Vote to save democracy

If elected representatives at all levels of government won’t stand up and repudiate the lies and the policies of our president, then our local, state and national elections must be used to build a firewall against the continued erosion of our democracy. If left unchecked, our president and his supporters will continue to scapegoat certain groups and move to eliminate them, while our time-honored protection of clean air and water, health care and financial systems are thoughtlessly dismantled.

Electing Democrats across the board is the only way to stop our descent into chaos, and to do that YOU MUST VOTE on Nov. 6. 

Our Connecticut slate of Chris Murphy, Jahana Hayes, Maria Horn and David Lawson is the place to start.

John Hoffman



Lakeville Journal is biased

As a loyal reader of this paper, I am grateful for your usually balanced approach to issues. So I was surprised and disappointed to open your op-ed page last week and see several headlines urging support for one candidate (“Vote for Brian Ohler” and “Ohler is the best candidate for 64th District”) while letters in support of the other candidate Maria Horn were relegated to a back page and not only that — they were slugged with vague headlines that didn’t mention her candidacy. (“Learning at the Candidates’ Debate” and “Early voting is an important issue.”) 

Helen Klein Ross



Re-elect Brian Ohler

Brian Ohler deserves re-election as our state representative in the House 64th District! I first met Brian in 2000 when I was a Connecticut State Police Sergeant assigned at Troop B in North Canaan. He was an Explorer at Troop B and all the feedback I received and my personal observations were that he was dedicated to his duties. The Explorers is for young people from ages 14 to 21 to gain experience working in the Police field. As an Explorer he was very mature, and responsible for his age. 

I was not surprised at all when I heard he enlisted in the Connecticut National Guard in 2001 and served for 12 years. He volunteered for three one-year tours in the Middle East, because: “That’s Brian.” He has served his hometown as an EMT, firefighter, Board of Finance member and even a local business owner. Brian has come full circle, serving his town, country, and now his state of Connecticut as our state representative. Brian is a fiscal conservative, and he cares very deeply about helping all of us, especially the needy children, middle-class families, veterans and last but not least our senior citizens. 

Since Brian is a life-long resident of the Northwest Hills he cares about our environment and living conditions. He has demonstrated these beliefs by the committees he’s on at the Capitol and way he votes on legislation. Brian’s assistance during the ice-jam disaster in Kent last winter was above and beyond the call of duty. His experience in EMS, military, and knowledge of Connecticut’s resources was truly a blessing. 

When Brian ran in 2016, his campaign concentrated on what he wanted to do for Connecticut and the 64th District, and not what was going on in the 2016 presidential politics. When you hear candidates talking more about what’s going on in national politics and not what they would do here in Connecticut, BEWARE! They don’t have much to offer, and they are trying to distract you. We need Brian Ohler who has his eye on the ball regarding fixing Connecticut’s problems and making it a better place to live, work and enjoy.

Scott R. Harvey



Two candidates responded on Sharon Hospital

I reached out to the candidates (in both parties) up for election in Connecticut for the offices of representative, senator, attorney general and governor. I asked them what actions they are willing to take to preserve the labor and delivery services at the Sharon Hospital. Only two showed their concern for the issue by actually having a plan and sharing their plan with me, David Lawson and Maria Horn. You can read their responses on Save Sharon Hospital Facebook page.

The lack of these services is: 1.) A health and safety issue; 2.) An economic issue; 3.) A political issue.

We are creating a coalition to preserve Labor and Delivery services. We need your help.  

Please contact us at: SaveSharonHospital@gmail.com.

Deborah Moore



Vote for Hatfield for AG

I first met Sue Hatfield on Sept. 15 when she came to Kent and attended the Kent Republican Town Committee’s Pig Roast. I was impressed with her credentials as a state prosecutor since 2005 with the Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice. 

Susan has prosecuted criminal cases of human trafficking, sexual assault and home invasion. Susan has taken a leave of absence from her position as a state prosecutor as she campaigns around the state.

As a former Connecticut State Police Detective assigned to the Western District Major Crime Squad and Litchfield County Sheriff from 1991 to 1996, I am totally convinced that she has the stamina, integrity and determination to make an outstanding attorney general. 

Also, as someone who has had first-hand experience working with the criminal justice system, Susan Hatfield knows it thoroughly and deserves our vote for attorney general on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Andrew C. Ocif



Horn is truthful and transparent

As a Salisbury resident for over 50 years, I have been involved in many organizations, causes and campaigns. Now that I am “of a certain age,” gun safety is most important to me. It always was, but gun violence has reached disturbing epidemic rates.

Everybody knows the difference between the two candidates for the 64th Assembly District when it comes to gun safety. But what is really distinctive about Maria Horn’s position is that she is totally truthful and transparent about it.

At the debate at Housatonic Valley Regional High School  on Oct. 12, Maria said out loud she had an F rating from the NRA. Over the years I’ve seen candidates who have B+ or better ratings from the NRA, that never mention it and try to have it both ways.

No matter what you think about gun safety, Maria’s honesty in putting where she stands on the issue out there without obfuscation, without waffling, is a quality I’ve seen only a few times in my years of being involved in public issues.

Maria’s ability to stand firmly for her beliefs is one of the reasons I support her. You will always know where she stands.

Judi Gott



Thad Gray will help turn state around

It is not often that we in the Northwest Corner get to vote for a hometown candidate for a statewide office. This year is different. Warren native Thad Gray is an exceptional candidate for state treasurer. Currently living in Salisbury, Thad is uniquely prepared to take on this important position. 

Our state treasurer is responsible for investing all the state’s assets, mainly our state pension funds, and for overseeing our state borrowing. He also serves on more than a dozen important boards and commissions, such as the Bonding Commission and the Retirement boards. If voters want to tackle Connecticut’s serious fiscal challenges, we need to elect the most competent candidate for the job — Thad Gray. 

In a recent newspaper article, Thad is quoted as saying that his candidacy is a “call to service.” It is what you would expect from a committed professional with more than 35 years of financial experience. We in the Northwest Corner, while small in number, should make it clear; we support Thad Gray and we are ready to turn Connecticut around.

David Helming



Thanks for supporting the library

Saturday’s (Oct. 20) Gala celebrating the Hotchkiss Library of Sharon’s 125th anniversary was truly memorable. It was hosted at Weatherstone by Carolyne Roehm and her mother, Elaine Bresee, as a gesture of appreciation and to show how much the library means to them. 

The evening featured cocktails and sumptuous hors d’oeuvres, bluegrass music, a silent auction of items from community members and the live auction of a lithograph generously donated by Jasper Johns. In addition to the 150 guests, there was an outpouring of support by local businesses and individuals who contributed sponsorships.  

Heartfelt thanks go to everyone — Carolyne, Elaine, guests, sponsors and library staff — who helped make this event a huge success.

Tom Trowbridge,

Board President



Horn will serve well in 64th

Maria Horn gets our votes because she is on the right side of the issues that are important — improving educational opportunities and resources, keeping and implementing sensible gun violence prevention measures, retaining affordable and comprehensive health care, combating the opioid epidemic, and promoting economic growth in the region.

She is a wonderful, dynamic, hardworking candidate and will be an equally great representative for the 64th District.

Maria Horn deserves our support.

Lee and Sophia deBoer



Want to feel better? Vote

When all is said and done

A curmudgeon is what I’ve become

Listening to the news each day

Watching Washington with dismay

Led by Mr. Incompetence himself

Time to put him on the shelf

How to do it? You might ask

It really is a simple task

Go to the polls on 6th of November 

Take another person, try to remember

And do your citizens’ obligation

At the town hall polling station

Vote them out 

You’ll feel better, I have no doubt.

Michael Kahler



Now is the time to elect Horn

There are some elections where people study the candidates and go with what they think is the best among uninspiring choices. Then there are years when people are so excited about a candidate they actually get up off their couches and go out to tell the world. One extreme example is that for years people in Kent went to Roberta Willis, a Democrat representing the House 64th District, for help even though she did not represent us.  

She always explained to us how we could make our schools better, what we could do to keep the river clean, how we could improve our healthcare, and, after Newtown, what we needed to do to make Connecticut the safest state in terms of gun violence. Finally, the Democratic Town Committee of Kent said we had to become part of Roberta’s district.  Everyone said it couldn’t be done, but we did it.

Now we are faced with another election, another choice for Roberta’s old district.  Reading Maria Horn’s website, listening to her speeches, and most recently hearing her responses at the recent candidate forum at HVRHS, it is clear Maria should be that choice. She has done her homework, she isn’t even in office, but she understands what we need to do to make the Northwest Corner function better and has researched ideas of how to make that happen. She demonstrated that already when Sharon Hospital peremptorily decided it would alter the charge under which it operates.  

When Kent has problems, Maria is the person we want to be out there solving them for us because we know she will gather the facts, interview the concerned parties, and work out solutions we hadn’t even thought of. Maybe it is the combination of her work as a federal prosecutor with her experience serving on local non-profit boards that has given her the combination of know-how and insight that we need. If northwestern Connecticut is going to prosper, it needs her smarts and her ability to go full out for us. We need her talents and we need them now.

Betty Krasne



Maria Horn is the best choice for the 64th

We believe Maria Horn is the best choice to support and represent our community. As educators, parents, and grandparents, we want the best for all children. Decisions made in Hartford today not only affect our quality of life, but also impact generations to come.

Priorities for our family include affordable and reliable health care, high-quality education, a protected environment, a robust economy, and an ethical government that ensures fair opportunity for everyone. Maria Horn is uniquely qualified to fight for these goals.

Maria’s experiences as a financial analyst, a federal prosecutor, and a community advocate have given her invaluable insight and knowledge. Maria listens. She is practical and thoughtful when formulating an opinion. She knows how to problem solve. These are traits that are crucial to being an effective representative in state government.

Our confidence in Maria has been echoed by the many endorsements she has received: the Working Families Party, the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters, former President Barack Obama, the CEA, Connecticut Against Gun Violence, Women’s March CT, NOW CT Chapter, Mom’s Demand Action, the Sierra Club, Politica CT, and the Uniformed Professional Fire Fighters Association of Connecticut.

We will be proud to vote for Maria Horn to be our state representative for the 64th District. We are positive she will be an asset to the Northwest Corner.

Terri and Mark Pastre



Vote for Thad Gray for state treasurer

The political office of state treasurer is an often-overlooked “also ran” race in a year when we are bombarded with ads for governor, state senator and state representative. However, with the current fiscal condition of our state it should be front and center. To this end, I am writing in support of Litchfield County native Thad Gray for state treasurer.

Two weeks ago my employer announced that our company is moving our corporate headquarters from Hartford, Conn.,  to Solon, Ohio. We have been headquartered in Hartford for nearly 30 years. Though not a large office, 40 percent of our HQ employees will no longer have jobs as of Dec. 21. I personally have commuted from Sharon to Hartford each day for over four years — and have now been given the option of moving to Ohio. While the company made its decision for multiple reasons, the economic conditions of both the city of Hartford and the state of Connecticut squarely factored in.

I bring this up to illustrate one main point: While the office of state treasurer may not on the surface dictate policy, the financial ramifications of how the office manages money can have far-reaching effects that trickle down to our own communities — even here in the Northwest Corner.

Thad Gray was raised in Warren, lived in Sharon when I first met him a decade ago, and now resides in Lakeville. In between these times he spent over 30 years safeguarding and growing financial investments, and effectively managing debt, in the private sector. In fact, back in 2010, while I was with another employer, my manager and I held a phone conference with Thad to get his input on a new service offering our firm was considering. My point here is this — I valued Thad’s sound financial judgment so much that he was one of the first people I sought for impartial advice.

The crux of the state treasurer job is the management of $32 billion of state pension assets to achieve the highest possible return, without a political agenda. I trust Thad Gray for this and so should you. The impact of this seemingly “behind-the-scenes” role has become all too obvious to me lately — it is intertwined with some of our core local issues such as middle-class jobs and school populations. The basis of turning around all these issues isn’t lawmaking or policy, it is sound fiscal management — something Gray can provide.

Eric C. Seibold



Horn will serve brilliantly

The voters of the 64th District have the chance to elect a truly spectacular candidate in Maria Horn.  

She has wide experience both as a long-time federal prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s office in New York and as a trustee of numerous nonprofit organizations across the Northwest Corner. 

A full-time resident of Salisbury, she’s the mother of three children; she’s a member of the town Board of Finance and past chairman of the board of Women’s Support Services. A dedicated environmentalist, she’s endorsed by the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters. 

She’s a compelling speaker, as everyone knows who heard the debate at HVRHS on Oct. 12. And she has a long list of other qualifications! It is tempting just to reprint her whole extraordinary resume, but www.electmariahorn.com does that job a lot better.  

At a time when we are desperate for skilled and thoughtful legislators she will represent us brilliantly. I hope your readers will give her their votes on Nov. 6.  

Maggie Stearns



How to choose a state representative

I have followed politics for a long time. As a young woman, I watched both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions because my parents believed you had to look for the best PERSON to represent you, not just the party. I know both candidates running for the 64th District seat personally, and I have looked carefully at their skill sets to see who has the right set of tools for the job of state representative. After careful consideration, it is crystal clear to me that Maria Horn is the perfect person for the job.

Maria has a financial background, having held the position of analyst at J.P. Morgan. She has a legal background, as a lawyer and a federal prosecutor. She understands law and the impact a law can have, as very few of us can. She is a listener — one who carefully and completely listens to people. Heck, that is a gift in itself. She is a terrific communicator, both in speaking roles and one-on-one. She is calm, confident and warm. Maria is a natural leader, one that you want to follow because you know she knows where to go. 

In full disclosure, I was asked to run for state representative, and I seriously considered running, in part because only 27.3 percent of our state representatives in Connecticut are women and it is high time that more women run for office. I felt very strongly that I had to take action, not just wait for someone else to do it.  And then I met Maria, and I knew she was better suited to the job than me; she had more skills and more importantly, she has the right skills, so I am taking action: I am doing all that I can do to help her get elected.

This time, when you go to vote, take a look at the person, then take a look at their skill set, the tools, and training they bring. Think about it! Before you hire someone, you look carefully at what that person has to offer; let’s apply the same thinking to this process ... and when you do, I guarantee that you too will choose Maria Horn to be the next state representative.  

Janet Carlson Sanders 

West Cornwall


Horn has the right formula for the 64th

I am so happy to write this letter in support of Maria Horn for State Representative for the 64th District. Our community is so lucky to have her!

Maria and I first met when she joined the board of Women’s Support Services. She is self–effacing and humble, yet it didn’t take long for me to spot her integrity, focus, intelligence, and caring. Maria is a leader in the truest sense, and I have witnessed her skillfully working with people from all segments of our community to get answers and solve problems.

Just look at the energy of her campaign and how she has built a grassroots movement. At every phase of her career, she has left the place better than when she found it. She knows how to create and has the can–do spirit.  

We need inspired, practical, grounded leadership. Maria is that type of leader. A vote for Maria is a vote for you and for our entire community.

Janet Andre Block



Independents, vote Republican

This letter is a reminder to all Independent Party voters for the Nov. 6 election. This election will be critical for our country and our state. The Democrats have controlled our state for too long. This is coming from a former elected Democrat who is an Independent Party voter now.

Voters should know that the Independent Party statewide is supporting the Republican candidates for governor (Bob Stefanowski) and U.S. Congress 5th District (Manny Santos.) I’m supporting Matt Corey for U.S. Senate, a Navy veteran and working man, over Murphy.

Also, Independents are supporting Craig Miner of Litchfield for the State Senate 30th District and Molly Spino of Torrington for the State House 65th District. State Rep. Jay Case of the State House 63rd District is also supported for Winsted, as well as State Rep. Brian Ohler of North Canaan for the State House 64th District.

These Independent/Republican-endorsed candidates have a proven record of supporting less taxes and all strongly support the Second Amendment and less government vs. the Democrats’ tax and spend philosophy that has led us to the brink of billion– dollar deficits and higher taxes. I urge you to vote the Independent or Republican line on Nov. 6.  

The Democrats like Murphy, Blumenthal and Malloy have failed us. Make sure you vote.

David G. LaPointe



Vote for Horn

Maria Horn is an outstanding candidate to serve as the State Representative for the 64th District. 

Maria Horn’s prior experience, in both private sector and civic initiatives, is demonstrably unparalleled.  More importantly, over an extended period of time, she has generously, consistently and thoughtfully shared these benefits among numerous Litchfield County activities.  It is to her credit that she is willing to broaden and enhance her commitments to embrace elected office.

The challenges of our times demand elected officials who are independent of mind, forthright in expressing opinion and willing to risk the “hard choice” in the favor of constituent interests. Also, our times demand a selection of the “best” candidate between worthy choices.  Finally, as a mature, creative and curious individual, Maria has the appropriate insight to address the new challenges that face Connecticut government.   

Based on the above, it is my honor to recommend that others join my vote for Maria Horn...with the unqualified expectation that she will serve well as State Representative, 64th District.

James W. Montanari



Ohler puts constituents first

Growing up in the small town of North Canaan, I have known Brian Ohler my entire life. The strides and commitments he’s made over the past two years as the 64th District State Representative have been beyond my expectations. So, when I was told that the Sharon Hospital Maternity Unit was planning on closing with less than a month’s notice, I knew exactly who I needed to contact.

As a first-time expecting mom, I was beside myself. I had given 100 percent of my trust and faith to the Sharon OB/GYN physicians and knew that my baby and I were in perfect hands. Within minutes of reaching out to Brian, he responded, stating he had arranged a meeting at Sharon Hospital first thing Monday morning with the hospital president. He has continued to make sure our citizens are kept up to date and well informed. Brian has dedicated countless hours and work to help remedy the situation.

Brian Ohler, you undoubtedly have my vote on Nov. 6. Thank you for your dedication to our small community.

Colleen Curtis

North Canaan


No mischaracterizations

I beg to differ with Mark Godburn (Lakeville Journal letter to the editor, Oct. 11). Mr. Godburn seems to think I am searching for partisan axes to grind. If being partisan means I am disgusted and horrified by the corrupt Trump presidency, then maybe he is right. The one thing I do agree with him on is that Fox News is a right-wing biased organization. As for other news outlets, such as CNN or MSNBC, their reporting is based on clear evidence and facts.

Mr. Godburn’s statement that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was “shielded” like a “Fabergé Egg” was astonishing. Dr. Ford showed courage and strength when under the scrutiny she endured. However, now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh exhibited very unpleasant qualities under the scrutiny he endured. Maybe he was insulted that his “boys will be boys” behavior was questioned.

Mr. Godburn, no mischaracterizations were in my letter to The Lakeville Journal. Perhaps they were only in the eye of the beholder.

Gretchen M. Gordon



These two candidates deserve your support

Voting this election year is critical to restore truth, respect and confidence in state and federal levels of government.  In the Northwest Corner, we are fortunate to have excellent candidates with strong credentials to support for Congress, statewide officials in Hartford, and in the  state legislative districts — 30th Senate and 64th Assembly. Turnout will be important, but equally so will be votes (i.e. darken the ovals) across the full ballot.

Maria Horn  has a resume tailor-made for the 64th. A Salisbury resident, wife, parent, lawyer and federal prosecutor, school and community activist. Maria is an empathetic, effective and enthusiastic communicator. She will not only contribute to legislative debate in Hartford, but also share her insights with local constituents. She is a keen listener and advocate for individual interests and requests.  

David Lawson running for the 30th Senate District seat, is married, father of two grown children and a career high school history teacher. He “knows the territory,” living in New Milford, serving as long time chair of the Board of Education there,” and earlier having spent many summers working at Camp Ponemah in Kent.

Both candidates are personally and professionally familiar with important local concerns: affordable health care; quality education — both public and private; protection of the environment; and with the financial resources and budget constraints of our rural communities.  

These candidates deserve your support.  Every voter counts and every vote will be counted.

Frances R. Besmer



Maria Horn, a remarkable opportunity for 64th

Our opportunity is to have a representative who not only can fix things and be on the scene, but also go to Hartford with our most challenging issues in hand and create real plans for moving us towards more economically sound, environmentally secure, and ultimately healthier communities.

Maria has leadership skills we rarely see in a candidate. She has a vision shaped by thousands of conversations, and top-notch skills honed as board chair for our local non-profits, as a prosecuting attorney, and as a financial analyst. She gets big projects done. This means she thinks strategically, which means she articulates goals clearly, does excellent homework to understand the landscape, engages all stakeholders, is quick to cite practicality, and is transparent about her process all the while. Maria is the comprehensive candidate. We know this because we have worked with her in leadership roles and been closely involved in this campaign process. You won’t meet a smarter, more compassionate person.  

Maria Horn’s candidacy is a remarkable opportunity for our region that we hope you will take by voting for her on November 6. Let’s not mess this up. Please vote Maria.

Anne Zinsser and Katherine Freygang



Maria Horn is the better choice for 64th

I would like to respond to the numerous Letters to the Editor in support of Brian Ohler posted in your Oct. 18 edition.

Based on my observations over the past two years and on the results of the recent debate at Housatonic Valley Regional High School, I have concluded that Maria Horn is the better choice for the 64th District. 

Mr. Ohler’s good deeds and local public service are well-known and admirable, including his support for local fire, rescue, and police personnel, and his service to our nation in the military. Mr. Ohler would be an outstanding mayor for any number of small towns in the Northwest Corner.  

However, Mr. Ohler is not running for mayor.  

He has proven he is not the state representative for all of us in the Northwest Corner, because he consistently rubber-stamps the values and interests of the powerful and wealthy in the Republican Party.  Most of us in the Northwest Corner are neither wealthy nor powerful, and do not operate under Hartford-Washington, D.C.norms. His voting record reflects the self-interest of an increasingly amoral national Republican Party. Mr. Ohler has not demonstrated the political courage needed to tell the Republican Party in Hartford when it is promoting selfish policies intended to benefit only the wealthy and powerful in Connecticut.

I urge everyone in the Northwest Corner to vote this year for the better candidate, Maria Horn. Maria’s tenure in Hartford will bring reason, imagination, and a broad range of financial and legal expertise to our representation at the state level. In addition, Maria is equally knowledgeable and fully engaged about our local Northwest Corner issues, such as the potential closing of the maternity unit at Sharon Hospital and the need for digital infrastructure upgrades. She will be equally effective at analyzing and solving similar local problems. 

Michael Kelley



Best choice for district is Horn

Maria Horn is the better choice to represent us in the Connecticut Assembly because she has the more realistic view about two major issues facing the state and our own towns. First, Maria acknowledges sensibly that any approach to the budget requires looking at both spending AND revenue. Her opponent says it’s just spending. Really? Try balancing an equation without dealing with both sides of the equal sign.  

Second, Maria acknowledges honestly that any discussion about school safety involves gun safety, too. Her opponent has  not. Like it or not, guns are part of the equation. For these two reasons alone, Maria’s getting my vote and I encourage others to vote for her, too.

Dan Dwyer



Horn passionate about making a positive difference

I strongly support Maria Horn to be our new 64th District state representative.  She is extremely well qualified to become a legislator, with legal experience as a federal prosecutor and financial experience on her town’s board of finance, as well as leadership positions on a number of local boards. Maria is energetic, hardworking, and passionate about making a positive difference for all of us living in the Northwest Corner.

I cannot vote for Maria’s opponent, Brian Ohler, because I believe he failed to represent the interests of the Northwest Corner town where I live. That failure began with his absence at the Kent town meeting at which Birch Hill presented its plans for a proposed third substance abuse clinic seeking to be located in our town — plans that were strongly opposed by the vast majority of those present at a standing-room-only hearing attended by representatives of diverse town interests. His absence was particularly notable because, at the time, he was working as a paid consultant to Birch Hill.  

Indeed, he wrote a glowing endorsement of the proposed facility on his official state representative’s letterhead and sent it to the Connecticut authorities charged with ruling on Birch Hill’s application. He served the interests of his paying client rather than meeting his obligations as an elected official: to provide honest, conflict-free representation on behalf of the citizens he was elected to serve.

If elected, Maria Horn will devote her full energy to working as our State Representative. Please vote for her on Nov. 6!

Suzanne Charity



Retired teachers, non-elitists support Maria Horn

Maria Horn was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She was raised in Ohio in a family that, like so many of ours, was touched by tragedy and all its complicated emotional fallout. Her father worked as a civil servant. Her mom was a homemaker. Her mother instilled in her the importance of education. Maria, with the help of Pell grants and her own work ethic and tenacity, went on to university and law school. Instead of going to a large corporate firm upon graduation from law school, Maria chose to become a federal prosecutor. Google the difference in pay. She has always been about service.

Locally, Maria may not be a volunteer firefighter, but she helped raise money for the new firehouse in Lakeville. Now that her children are more independent, she wants to be of further service to us in the 64th district.

It saddens me that Tom Morrison, in a letter published last week, dismisses as elitist the accomplishments of a woman who pulled herself up by her bootstraps to be successful. Is he saying a highly educated and competent woman could not be a highly effective legislator representing all of us?  

My husband and I became teachers not to become rich. Kiau grew up in Singapore in an attap hut with a dirt floor, no electricity or running water and an outhouse “out back”. My mother, through incredible resourcefulness, was able to feed us three children when my father never knew when his next paycheck would arrive. That’s why we love pig’s feet, chicken feet and all the other “parts” Chinese love to eat.

We, non-elitists, strongly support Maria Horn because she supports active and retired teachers, affordable housing, strong public schools, jobs and small businesses, and a clean environment, to name a few issues. She will not only be helpful to us locally but she will be a very strong voice for ALL our needs in Hartford. Join us in voting for Maria Horn on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Jo and Kiau Loi



An ode to teeth

Teeth are really something. They allow us humans to confidently ingest things that, without them, would be indigestible. We rely on them to manage a large part of the process of successfully taking in nutrition. Our survival depends, in no small amount, on these pearly white (hopefully) protruding extensions of our mandibles. 

Our teeth are also the majestic gateway to our most self-celebrated evolutionary communication skill — talking. We’ve been yakking up a storm amongst ourselves now for thousands of generations. We’ve gone from your basic teeth ignoring Neanderthal “ugh” to our modern and sophisticated “Table for two?” — by learning how to wag our tongues against our teeth. We’ve grown so comfortable with the function of our teeth that we’ve taken to using metaphors with them in our language: “Those economic sanctions against Iran for attempting to make nuclear weapons really had no teeth;” “Britain’s reaction to Russia poisoning dissident ex-pats on British soil had no teeth;” “My bone saw has more teeth than your journalism.” 

To think of where our teeth started and how far they’ve come.

Michael Moschen

Cornwall Bridge


We need Maria now more than ever

We are defined by the issues we believe in and cast our ballot accordingly. That’s what makes elections so very important. As part of her platform, Maria Horn is a longstanding supporter of reproductive rights and gender equality. In fact, she expands her support of women’s issues to include family leave, access to education and equal pay.

The issues I believe in are under attack, but Maria’s values are my values, making me confident that she will support what really matters for me. I am voting for Maria Horn on Nov. 6. I very much hope that you will do the same. We need her now more than ever.

Sarah Zarbock



Vote for Horn

Many thanks to The Lakeville Journal, the League of Women Voters and the Housatonic Valley Regional High School for making the terrific debate evening possible on Friday, Oct. 12. In my humble opinion, Maria Horn hands down stole the show!

The consensus as the crowd filed out was that the Assembly candidates were very well prepared and that Maria Horn would be a brilliant contributor to solving the state’s complex and critical financial challenges.

Maria Horn clearly has the business acumen, integrity and political independence so badly needed in our state Legislature. She has the vision to bring together our state’s public and private resources to strengthen our business climate.

Maintaining health care for the state’s residents with pre-existing conditions, developing transportation alternatives in the Northwest Corner, reducing public  financial waste and improving waste management to make our communities safer for us and the bears, in so many ways Maria Horn has the skills we need now in our state Legislature!

Daly Reville

Falls Village