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Perotti announces bid for Amenia Supervisor

AMENIA — Current Amenia Town Board Councilwoman and Deputy Supervisor Victoria Perotti has announced her intention to run for the position of town supervisor this fall.Perotti said she has met with the Dutchess County Board of Elections as well as present town Supervisor Wayne Euvrard, who is currently serving his second two-year term. Euvrard told Perotti he was still undecided about running a third time.“I’m just trying to do the very best job I can,” Perotti said in an interview. “I have a lot of things I want to do to make the government run more efficiently.”Perotti has been a councilwoman for six years and has been deputy supervisor for the past two years. She pointed out that the position of deputy supervisor has no additional stipends and as a councilwoman she (along with the three other council members) has not taken a salary increase in the past two years, unlike the supervisor.Euvrard, reached for comment, confirmed that he is still undecided about running again, but said that he has until June to make a decision.“One day I say yes, one day I say no,” he said. “But honestly, I don’t know yet.”The early timing of Perotti’s announcement might not be uncommon among political positions at the county level and higher (Assemblyman Marc Molinaro just recently confirmed his intention to run for Dutchess County executive), but it’s not something that happens every year on the local level. “I’m a ‘make sure the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed’ person,” Perotti explained. “So I wanted to make sure I go about [running] in the right way and get all the information I need to have for this fall.”When asked about what some of her running positions might be, Perotti said she felt that salaries should be kept down (including the supervisor’s position) and that town business can be handled with a higher level of public scrutiny and in greater detail.“There are different ways we can keep track of things here,” she said. “I feel town contracts should be reviewed at budget time, not just by the budget director but by the full board. I think that decisions ought to be made by the Town Board with full disclosure, discussion and consensus.”Perotti, a Republican, pointed out the possibility of a primary between her and Euvrard if he chose to run again.“If there’s going to be a primary, there’s going to be a primary,” she said. “But I’m not looking to focus on what [Euvrard] has or hasn’t been doing. I really want to focus on what I can do to make the town run better.”

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