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Closson responds to Fracasso’s charges

WINSTED — After accusations made by Selectman Ken Fracasso at a previous Board of Selectmen’s meeting, Selectman George Closson had a chance to respond during the regular Board of Selectmen’s meeting Monday, April 4.Fracasso accused Closson of a conflict of interest because Closson allegedly makes comments about applications received by the committee.Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Bruce Hillman, who was invited by Mayor Candy Perez to discuss the issue, said he did not see any issues in Closson’s role as liaison.“It’s been fairly helpful to have him as a liaison,” Hillman said. “We are a pretty inexperienced commission. Six out of the eight members have been on the committee for only eight months and there have been six chairmen for the committee in the past five years.”Hillman added that it has been good to have a person with experience to answer questions.“I know we can’t talk to him about application questions,” Hillman said. “But we can ask him questions regarding where we can find answers and about those answers. I have no problem with him being there.”Closson also defended his liaison role.“I think the biggest issue here is that we need a town planner,” Closson said. “If we had a town planner, we wouldn’t see this issue. I don’t think I’ve overstepped what I’ve done as a liaison.”But Fracasso again disagreed.“The problem I have is that [Closson] is commenting on applications,” Fracasso said. “This will come back to bite us in the ass someday. It is not the role for a liaison.”“I am not going to go tit for tat, but I have not participated on applications or decisions, ever,” Closson told Fracasso.The board did not make any formal decisions as a result of the discussion.

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