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NORTH CANAAN — “Exceptionally motivated” is how Shane Stampfle is described by his teachers.

When told as much, he looked a little surprised, then pleased.

“I do,” he said, when asked if he agreed. “I have a desire to grow up and pursue a career path doing something I will really enjoy. I would like to be content.”

These are very mature words from an eighth-grade boy. But Shane is not typical. That’s what set him apart to earn the 2015 Superintendent Award from North Canaan Elementary School.

His parents, Linda Patz, an attorney, and Kurt Stampfle, a teacher, have inspired him with their support and their example.

Shane wants to pursue his passions in history and geography. Journalism might be his thing.

“I feel I have to start preparing now for college and a career by being well-rounded and taking myself seriously. I study out of school to extend myself.”

He also makes time for baseball, playing on the school team and with the Premier Sports Complex Bulldogs. He swims competitively and plays baritone horn in the school band. He can always be found on the high honors list and leading the school’s championship Quiz Bowl team.

To relax, he might go out on a canoe with his dad or read a book in the porch hammock. He is a voracious reader.

He plans to continue his travels of the world, to wherever life and his careful planning take him.  His favorite place, so far, is Washington, D.C., which never gets tiresome for Shane. 

He visited Germany and Austria with his family this past summer, and hopes to go back to Bavaria. He has a bucket list that includes canoeing the Thames in London and walking Hadrian’s Wall. If he could visit only one more place, however, he would choose Rome, Italy, and soak up its history.

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