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Fracasso accuses Closson of conflict of interest

WINSTED — Toward the end of the Board of Selectmen’s meeting on Monday, March 21, Selectman Ken Fracasso accused fellow Selectman George Closson of having a conflict of interest regarding Planning and Zoning Commission meetings.Before he was elected selectman, Closson served as the commission’s chairman until he was ousted by the previous Republican-led board for reasons that are still unclear.Closson is the selectmen’s liaison to the commission.Fracasso made his comments during the new business portion of the meeting.“I am concerned going through the minutes [of the commission meetings] the amount of input, George, that you have put in,” Fracasso said. “You are not a member of the commission, but in almost every application, you are making comments. I know you are a liaison, but there are at least a dozen or more things that you have commented on. I just wonder if this is a conflict of interest.”“I don’t interject anything,” Closson told Fracasso.“I beg to differ,” Fracasso insisted.Mayor Candy Perez cut off the debate because the discussion was not an item on the meeting’s agenda.Perez said that she would invite Planning and Zoning Chairman John Winn to the next meeting to discuss the issue.“I think that this requires additional discussion and more fact finding,” Perez said.Fracasso added that he is concerned about the number of subcommittees under the commission.“We appoint five sitting members of the commission and three alternates,” he said. “I don’t understand why the sitting members of the commission can’t do all of this themselves.”

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