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Gilbert, Northwestern swimmers at Berkshire League

LAKEVILLE — The swimming and diving season ended for the Berkshire League schools with league championships in diving on March 4 at Shepaug and in swimming on March 5 at the pool at The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville. The competing schools were Housatonic, Shepaug, Gilbert, Wamogo, Northwestern, Lewis Mills and Litchfield.Team spirit was high at the meet, as is normally the case. Students from the area schools decorated banners that they posted on the walls around the pool deck.Four boys from Northwestern Regional High School (which has about 40 swimmers) shaved their heads and bodies, not only for a show of spirit but also because it makes them feel faster. Some of the swimmers also wear lightweight layers of extra clothing while warming up. “It’s like the rings on a baseball bat,” one swimmer said. “When you remove them, you feel like you’re faster and stronger.”Swimmers from Wamogo did a variation on the shaved head: They left a strip of hair on top, mohawk-style.Even the team coaches got into the swim of things. Coach Todd Dyer from Shepaug not only wore his team’s brightly colored T-shirt, which features a sheep and a hog (“Sheep, hog. Shepaug,” he explained), he also sported a summery straw hat.But the swimmers didn’t need clothing or accessories to complete their looks: Many of them drew slogans right on their skin.

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