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At Jacobs' Garage, old cars and oil keep

FALLS VILLAGE — The new bays at Jacobs’ Garage should be up and running in a couple of weeks, Denny Jacobs said on Monday, Jan. 17.

That afternoon, a worker was putting in insulation. Jacobs said the new area will be heated with a waste oil burning furnace, same as the older part.

It’s a sensible arrangement, both economically and environmentally, Jacobs said. A 55 gallon drum of waste oil (including transmission fluid, axle grease, etc.) lasts about a week and a half, so a month’s worth of fuel is about 165 gallons.

At any given time Jacobs has about 30 drums stored — “more than enough for the winter.”

This way he doesn’t have to pay a fee to dispose of it.

The furnace itself burns very clean. “You never see any smoke coming out of it.”

Business continues to be good at the garage — especially from people trying to keep their older vehicles on the road.

“We used to say never spend more on the car than it’s worth,” said Jacobs. “That philosophy has gone out the window the last couple of years.”

People want to keep their cars for two reasons, he said. One because it’s paid for, and secondly, “They know what they’ve got.”

“We’ve got ’89 Hondas, we’re putting $3,000 to $4,000 into them. A couple years ago that would have been absurd.”

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