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Turning Back The Pages - October 28

75 years ago — October 1935

Reflections of the Season — Brief Comments on Current Questions and Happenings of Recent Date: The old nursery jingle Little Boy Blue come blow your horn, may have been good advice but not intended for the automobile driver who parks in front of the house and blows for his sweetie at a late hour of the night.

ORE HILL — E. Clark Reed of Saugerties visited his brother, J. Marvin Reed, one day last week.

The Salisbury Cutlery Handle Co. is constructing a thirty-foot addition to their factory to accommodate their growing business.

SALISBURY — A car, the ownership of which is unknown, struck and broke a telephone pole near the intersection of the Lime Rock road early Sunday morning. The occupants removed the number plates and returned later with help and removed the car. Apparently none of the occupants were injured.

50 years ago — October 1960

The Connecticut Prevention of Blindness Society yesterday branded as completely false a rumor now being circulated in the state that seeing-eye dogs can be obtained free in exchange for cellophane strips from cigarette packages or match folder covers.

George Lamb had a snow man on his front lawn and the hillsides around Sharon showed snow patches on Tuesday morning Oct. 25, both left over from a wet snowfall during the afternoon and evening before.

FALLS VILLAGE — Open House at the Falls Village National Iron Bank last Friday evening brought over 300 people to inspect the newly remodeled building. The bank has served its townspeople since 1847.

25 years ago — October 1985

KENT — Joan Stephens has been named manager of Colonial Bank’s Kent office, Kent Green. She has served as a branch supervisor at the bank’s Candlewood Valley office in New Milford.

Taken from decades-old Lake-ville Journals, these items contain original spellings and phrases.

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