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Housy homecoming: great weather and sports, sports, sports

FALLS VILLAGE — Fans and families came out to Housatonic to root for the home team during homecoming, on Saturday, Oct. 23.

The weather was gorgeous and even though it wasn’t a hugely successful day on the scoreboard, it was an excellent chance for the community to come together and support local student athletes.

This was the first homecoming in quite some time, according to Athletic Director Dan Carroll.

“I was contacted by the school’s newly formed homecoming committee, who told me they wanted as many home sporting events as possible for this Saturday,” Carroll said. “We wanted to make sure that this was a great day for both the parents in our school and the whole region.”

Six games were played: junior varsity and varsity girls volleyball, junior varsity and varsity girls soccer, varsity field hockey and varsity football.

“I think we’ve had a very good fall season,” Carroll said. “Lots of our teams have had great success stories this year.

“I think what sets our sports program apart from those at other schools is that we have a strong sense of tradition at Housy. The school is 71 years old and was the first regional high school in the state.

“Our student athletes have a great attitude and are well-rounded. They take part in many school activities and they keep up with their schoolwork.”

Bunny McGuire (class of 1955, and the former school secretary) helped organize the day’s events. She said she is impressed with how the school’s sports program has expanded through the years.

“The first sport we had at Housy was soccer,” McGuire said. “Then we had football. When I was a student here, the only sport we had for girls was cheerleading. But now we have tons of sports for everybody. I hope that student athletes learn fellowship and citizenship from playing on these teams.”

Former school principal, baseball coach and Housy sports legend Ed Kirby was present Saturday and said he too is impressed with the sports program at the school.

“When you play sports, it’s not just recreation, it’s part of life itself,” Kirby said. “It helps you learn how to be a success.”

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