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Cleaning up Dark Hollow to discourage trash

SALISBURY — The Dark Hollow Gang was busy Thursday, Oct. 14, clearing brush and fallen trees along Dark Hollow Road.

Tom Key, Dave Heck, George Massey, Lou Hecht and John Arnold from the Salisbury Association assembled along the dirt road — popular with hikers and joggers — with chain saws, pruners and a Kubota tractor on the brisk autumn morning.

Key said the idea was to cut up fallen trees and major brush, and move it all some distance into the woods.

This adds to the aesthetics of the scene, but the primary reason is to discourage the dumping of trash along the road — which has been a problem.

Key reasoned that someone inclined to toss their garbage out the car window would be disinclined to actually get out of the vehicle and walk the bag of trash into the woods, more or less out of sight.

The Dark Hollow Gang (a moniker that is wholly the invention of this reporter) also spent a fair bit of time kidding each other.

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