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Perfect weather for Kent Horse Trials

KENT — The weather was cool but clear for the annual  autumn Kent Horse Trials on Skiff Mountain at the Kent School.

The competition was open to riders of all ages and abilities from the region. One hundred and six riders from as nearby as Kent School and as far away as Vermont participated in cross-country, dressage and stadium events.

“We were thrilled with how the day turned out, the weather was gorgeous,” said Gillian Perry, one of the event’s organizers. “We were pleased with our turnout, even though we’ve had a much higher turnout in past years.”

The economy is partly to blame, she said, but added that many riders from the area had traveled to Kentucky for the World Equestrian Games.

The next horse trials at Kent School will be held May 15. Perry encouraged anyone and everyone to come out and watch.

“We encourage spectators!” she said.

Finalists in the Kent Horse Trials are listed, below. Penalties indicate how many points are subtracted from a perfect starting score of 100.

Open Training (A)

1. Lacey Ogden, Clinton Corners, Dear Abby, 1 penalty

2. Katie Volkers, Newtown, Conn, Koyuna Azgard, 24.2 penalties

Open Training (B)

1. Kayla August, Harwinton, Conn., Valentine, 34.12 penalties

2. Linnet Tell, Augusta, N.J.,  36.4 penalties

Open Novice (A)

1. Michelle Bakker, Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Fernhill Virgil, 23.5 penalties

2. Melissa Kalagian, Oxford, Conn., Once in a Blue Moon, 24.5 penalties

Open Novice  (B)

1. Susan Heffron, New York, N.Y., Jake, 38.5 penalties

2. Tracey Soboloski, Madison, Conn, Say it Again, 40.5 penalties

Open Novice (C)

1. Jessica Iorio, Millis, Mass., Star’s Amazing Grace, 25.0 penalties

2. Michele Marrin, Nacho, 28.0 penalties

Novice (D)

1. Francesca Lattanzio, Glastonbury,  Conn.,  The Roadster, 39.0 penalties

2. Darragh Looney, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.,  Starbuck’s III, (aka Java), 39.5 penalties

Beginner Novice Horse

1. Kelly Diemand, Northfield, Conn., Krikkit, 27.6 penalties

2. Renee Stefanko, Southbury, Conn., Jiminy Cricket, 33.3 penalties

Beginner Novice (A)

1. Kate Brown, Northford, Conn., Short Stop, 33.6 penalties

2. Mei Lan Fogarty, New York, N.Y., Jumping Jack Flash, 33.6 penalties

Beginner Novice (B)

1. Denyse Looney, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Real American, 33.8 penalties

2. Shannon Kenefik, Wilton, Conn., Paddington, 34.5 penalties

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