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CAC looking to increase watershed areas

PINE PLAINS — At the Town Board meeting, June 17, the Conversation Advisory Council (CAC) made a presentation on the need to amend the town’s Critical Environmental Area (CEA) maps to include more land around the town’s major bodies of water: Stissing Lake, Thompson Pond and Twin Island Lake.

CAC Chair Joan Redmond explained that the CEA report, adopted in 2004 , is currently “very tight around the town’s lakes.” More accurate information has since become available, she said.

The CAC proposed including another 850 acres as part of the town’s Critical Environmental Area. Redmond said that the CEA is designed to “preserve the water quality and health” of the town’s resources, and would act as a safeguard to increase awareness of any contamination.

“As the hamlet develops so does the risk of contamination,” she reasoned, saying the increased CEA will create more protection.

The change would have little effect on any homeowners with property in the proposed areas, Redmond added. Soil types remain the same, and the CAC provided a list of property owners in the proposed area to be notified of the change.

There was some question whether the homeowners would legally need to be notified of the change; Attorney to the Town Warren Replansky said he would look into the matter.

Redmond said the document was ready for adoption barring a few typographical errors. A public hearing would be required, Replansky added. Supervisor Gregg Pulver asked if larger and more detailed maps of the changes could be produced.

“I think it’s great, but we need to see it on a much bigger scale,” he said.

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