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Five youths arrested for Bennett College trespassing

MILLBROOK — Five young men appeared in village court June 1 at 7 p.m. to be arraigned for trespassing in a Bennett College building May 26.

Judge Prisco, the acting court clerk, a Millbrook policeman, the youths and this reporter waited until 7:45 p.m. for the charges to arrive from the state police before adjourning the court.

Prisco collected addresses and phone numbers from each defendant and said they would be contacted about when to appear again. He advised each one that when they return they should bring a parent or guardian with them, and sent them home.

According to the Troop K police blotter, a 911 call was made at 12:06 a.m. on Wednesday, March 26, reporting the sound of breaking glass inside a Bennett building. Two patrol cars responded and the first at the scene parked his car near the monument at Route 343 and turned off his lights.

The trooper reported hearing breaking glass and screams. The other responding trooper was advised to patrol along Carrol Drive, off of Franklin Avenue, and discovered a grey Pathfinder parked on private property. One trooper concealed himself near the vehicle. From there he could see a flashlight on the second floor and hear glass breaking while the other entered the building to force the trespassers out.  

Five youths, all under age 19, were discovered. Two were from LaGrangeville, two from Poughkeepsie and one from Wappingers Falls. They were arrested at the scene, transported to Troop K headquarters and processed for criminal mischief and trespassing, both misdemeanors.

Because of their ages, their names have not been released.

Outside the court on Tuesday evening the youths talked about the incident to The Millerton News. They asserted that they were merely parking their car near Bennett College when a state policeman jumped out of the bushes and arrested them.

“We were never in the building. Everybody knows that place is a death trap,” claimed one of the juveniles.

“They charged me $200 for towing my car away,” said another.

They also expressed indignation that their names had been broadcast on a local radio station.

Since there is no village court on the second Tuesday of the month, the earliest possible arraignment in the case would be on Tuesday, June 15. At least one of the accused intends to show up with his attorney.

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