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A report on recreation

PINE PLAINS — Recreation Director Jen Chase appeared before the Town Board May 20 to give an update on her department. She jumped right into her report to say that plans for the triathlon, scheduled to take place in one month, are falling right into place.

The only real issue, Chase said, has to do with the murky water at the lake.

“I was on the phone with the Department of Health last week and he said he’s never really seen [Stissing Lake] so murky,” she said. “He said it could be because of the weather, going from cold to warm, etc. He said if we wait, it could work itself out, But if it doesn’t, we can’t open the beach, or hold the triathlon. That’s because if you can’t see through the water and if somebody drowns, the lifeguards can’t see them.”

For now the opening day at the beach is set for June 21, if the water clears. Chase told the board she’s also hoping to keep the summer mainstay open longer.

“I’m looking to have the beach open to the end of the summer, not just when the college kids go back,” Chase said. The board murmured its (non-binding) consent.

The director also updated everyone on other programs, including softball and baseball, which she said were going “very well” so far.

“I’m hearing very good things,” she said, adding things are about to get even busier. “We’re getting ready for summer soccer clinics, camp, setting up the coyote decoys at the beach.”

Overall, Chase told the board, the town’s summer recreation programs were in good stead. To contact the Recreation Department and learn more about any of its offerings, call 518-567-7207.

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