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Students learn math tips from the pros

FALLS VILLAGE — In an effort to teach students the practical applications of math  and to recognize the benefits of a strong math background, the sixth- and eighth-grade math classes at the Lee H. Kellogg School recently welcomed guest mathematicians, who showed how they use math on the job.

Andrea Downs demonstrated to the eighth-graders some ways that math comes in handy in her role as a  paramedic and as a member of the Canaan/Falls Village Board of Education. Students measured their pulse and blood oxygen levels, compared metric and customary measurements on medical packaging and oxygen tanks, and learned how paramedics determine medication doses rapidly using body weight, ratios and estimation.

Sixth-grade students walked to New England Wine Cellars on Route 7 to meet owner Fred Tregaskis, who explained how important math was in the building of high-end custom storage units for fine wine. Students learned to estimate board length, labor costs and markup for sales.  

They also calculated the square footage of rooms and determined the cost per foot for construction of a wine cellar.  

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