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Appreciation: Nelson 'Bam' Whitbeck

Someone said, “It takes a village to raise a family” and that could not be more true than here in Salisbury, which has the Salisbury Pharmacy and the wonderful Salisbury Winter Sports Association. Bam Whitbeck was an integral part of both of these.  

The pharmacy among other things provided a first learning experience for three little boys that everything in the store was not free to take home. Bam was there to look them kindly in the eye when the items were returned and explain how things should be done.

He was also part of our weekend ski tours on Mount Riga.  George Kiefer would call early in the morning and give the message: “Bring the boys, bring the skiis, Town Hall, 9 a.m.”  

Messages were always brief but the group would be there, and up the mountain we went.  

The little girl from New Jersey was totally out of her element or maybe had just found her element learning to cross-country ski and enjoy the quiet and beauty of our hills. Those tours on the mountain were family events and somehow I always felt safe if Bam was there.

He would start the tea and welcome the stragglers when they had reached the top.   

With a young family, there were always medical emergencies and Bam was not above delivering a prescription at night.  

The pharmacy, like The White Hart Inn, was the center of the community and Bam was always there — a quiet presence, as reliable, honest and kind as a man can be. 

Bam was a good neighbor, good friend and wonderful mentor for my children. He will be greatly missed.   

— Elyse Harney, Salisbury

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