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Jillian Cannon cottons to answer

FALLS VILLAGE — Jillian Cannon won the Geography Bee at the Lee H. Kellogg school Tuesday, Dec. 15.

Jillian took first place when she knew the answer to this question: Which Mediterranean country at the southern end of the Balkan peninsula is the greatest exporter of cotton?

(Answer: Greece.)

Teacher Amy Lake, moderating the contest, said it was appropriate to have the Geography Bee at this time of year. “By promoting knowledge of geography we can raise the level of understanding around the globe.”

Cannon will compete at the state level next. The winner of the national contest can win a $25,000 scholarship.

The questions were tough: The Gila River, south of Phoenix, Ariz., is a tributary of what major river?

Or this poser: What state with Montana to the north and South Dakota to the east was the first state to give women the right to vote in 1869?

Or: After the United States and France, what island country gets the most energy from nuclear power plants?

Ben Wilson was the second place finisher and Emily DeMazza took third.

(Answers: The Gila flows into the Colorado River; Wyoming; Japan.)

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