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Board appointments made

By Patrick L. Sullivan

SALISBURY — The Board of Selectmen announced committee appointments and urged citizens to attend a meeting presenting the long-awaited Natural Resource Inventory at the regular monthly meeting Monday, Dec. 7.

Selectman Jim Dresser was absent, so Selectman Bob Riva and First Selectman Curtis Rand appointed (in most cases, re-appointed) a long list of indivuduals to various organizations, but refrained from re-appointing themselves.

"We’ll wait for Jim to get back," said Rand.

The Natural Resource Inventory will be presented to the public at a meeting at Town Hall, Friday, Dec. 18, at 7 p.m.

Rand said he had started informal discussions about the Amesville bridge with the Falls Village selectmen, and the two boards would meet this winter.

"We really need to plan for that bridge," said Rand, noting the bridge has been rated down to 16 tons maximum for a tractor trailer and nine tons for a regular truck. Rand said the tractor trailer figure was meaningless as no rig that size can negotiate the turns on either side.

And the meeting of electors residing in the proposed West Twin Lake tax district will proceed as called on Saturday, Dec. 12, 10 a.m. at Town Hall. At in informational meeting last month enough questions were raised about the idea that one of the leading proponents of the tax district, Peter Menikoff, subsequently asked Rand if Saturday’s meeting could be called off.

Rand said he was advised by counsel that once a meeting is legally warned it must go forward.


Appointments for 2010:

Bridge Committee

Don Reid, Jr.

Digby Brown

Mathias Kiefer


Building Maintenance Advisory Committee

Robin Leech

Peter Oliver

Doug Robertson

Doug Richardson

Joe Schaefer

Christopher Trotta


Conservation Commission

Stephen Belter

Rod Lankler


Grove Advisory Committee

John Mongeau

Mary Barton

Anthony Hellmers

Elyse Morris

Jacqui Rice

Rhonda Rinnisland

Anne Day

Stacey Dodge

Lisa McAuliffe

George R. DelPrete

Ward Belcher


Historic District Commission

Digby Brown

Arthur Taylor

Elvia Gignoux

Leon McLain


Jury Committee

Janet Lynn

Margie Vail


Western Tourism District

Dan Bolognani


Marine Patrol Officer

Howard O’Dell



Bob Estabrook

Bill Morrill


Recreation Commission


Tim Sinclair


Regional Planning Representative


Jon Higgins

Len Stewart (alternate)


Salisbury Fire Commission


John Mongeau

Don Reid Jr.

Christian Williams

Patricia Williams

Cynthia Hoage

Lawrence Hoage

John Chandler

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