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Preschool teacher honored for service

PINE PLAINS — Marylyn Schmidt was honored last Saturday, Oct. 3, for well over 30 years of service as a teacher for the Pine Plains Pre-School.

The Backyard Garden hosted the party for Schmidt, who retired over the summer.

Donna Hill, who worked with Schmidt for 22 years at the school, said that the retiree was “compassionate, loving and very nurturing” to all the students who made their way through the program over the years.

“She brought a lot of love to the school,” Hill said.

“I was very fortunate to have a job that I loved,” Schmidt told the audience gathered around her. “I left the house every day and went to have fun.”

Because of her long tenure at the cooperative school, Schmidt in recent years found herself teaching the children of children she taught in earlier years, reaching across several generations of the community.

“I always enjoyed interacting with the children,” she added. “And I’d like to thank everyone for being so supportive to me and my assistants. The school is a cooperative, so the parents were always there for us.”

Ruth Thomas is the new preschool teacher for the Pine Plains Pre-School, which is heading into another year. And as for Schmidt, there will be plenty to keep her occupied.

“We just bought a new house, so that should keep me busy for a while,” she said, without eliminating the possibility of returning to the school for some special visits. She added that being in a close-knit community like Pine Plains  leaves plenty of options open.

“It’s definitely nice living in the same town,” she said smiling.

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